Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Time...

The Easter time is the time for eggs and the time for eggs is the easter time!!! My mom use to ALWAYS sing that to us when we were younger, and when i wake up easter morning that is the first thing that goes through my head!!
Well we don't have kids yet, but the easter bunny still came!!! We had Rhetts brother over for "Easter brunch!!" And he brought us an easter treat!! We also had time to dye easter eggs with our friends the Patchett's!! It was quite enjoyable, for some reason i LOVE dying easter eggs!!! Here is me trying to eat the easter egg and for once my handsome husband is smiling for the camera and i am the one being funny!!

We also had a wonderful day at church, the ward choir sang a beautiful arrangment of As i Have Loved You, it was beautiful i hadn't ever heard it arranged like that. Happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So the other nite, we did something we never do... we went on a real, get out of the house, change out of our sweats, and get away from the tv or books, and went on a real date!!

Well kind of... some friends invited us to go eat pizza and go miniature golfing(which takes me back to me and Rhett dating in SG- good ole' fiesta fun was a real date treat!). We went to this really cool, i kept calling it miniature Disneyland,(but that is exaggerating) it did have a roller coaster and four 18 hole golf courses, yes four, and lots of arcades and pizza and bumper boats and a merry go round, and all it was missing was the Matterhorn!!! And with my luck whenever i go to Disneyland the Matterhorn is always out of service- so maybe it really was like Disneyland, without the price tag, of course!!

This place is really called Castles and Coasters and it is right off I-17... it is in kind of a ghetto area- right next to Metro-Center, okay lets say real ghetto area!! But, it was so much fun and the boys were getting pretty into it!! It was so great to get out of the house and enjoy the nice phoenix weather!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Little Visitor...

So Saturday morning, Rhett called me at work to inform me that we had a visitor!! In case you can't tell that is a SCORPION!! IN my apartment!! AAAHHHH!!! I am freaking out still!! Luckily Rhett killed the little man... and now i have officially picked up all of our shoes off the floor and removed my bed skirt, i now ALWAYS where shoes in the house, and turn on the light everywhere i go, i dump my shoes out before i put them on, i shake out my blankets before i use them.... umm, ya i have completely changed my lifestyle because of this little guy- i am so paranoid!!! Here is some pictures that my husband- (knowing i would want pictures!) took before he decided to wake our visitor up.

Rhett looks pretty dang proud of his accomplishment.. little did you know when he was a little boy he got bit by a scorpion and he was a little nervous this time around. He tried to get me to come home from work to help him- but naturally i said no way!! So he called our friend Ryan to come help kill this wonderful little visitor!!! His wife Carlie, being the great friend she is, of course took pictures!! She said it was a sight to see- both boys were pretty nervous!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring in February???

Okay so there are several reasons i have not posted in such a long time.... first it was finals week- and the Rhett-ser was on the computer quite a bit(which is okay, i guess, since it is HIS computer!), 2nd- we made a very quick trip to Utah!!! Yay!! 3rd- it was spring break, yes that is right only in Arizona do you get a Spring Break in February, and well during spring break it is like permanent vacation, even if we are at home in good ole' AZ... we try to cram so many things into one week it is a little crazy!! And the 4th reason... i have seriously been obsessed with reading Twilight(yes mom, i read a book!) It is so GOOD!!! I loved it... But onto my post...

It has been a busy couple weeks... We went to Utah, my brother and his wife had a beautiful baby boy and we were very anxious to see the little guy! And boy is he cute!!! While we were there we also had dinner with the Hansen Crew... and then headed over to play games with Rhett's sister Bevin and her husband-to-be... So fun!!!

My mom also had a huge party for her Magazine, Elan Woman, while we were in town. She was able to use one of the parade of home, homes to host her party... so of course we took lots of pictures of the gorgeous house and posted two of our favorites... The pool!!! It is huge, my mom said that is like one of the largest non-olympic in SG or something like that... in other words it is HUGE!!! My favorite part, which i didn't get a picture of... but the master bathroom had two toilets, two entrances to one huge shower and two huge vanities, two sinks two closets, and two exit doors that led to a private outdoor jacuzzi fireplace and shower!! Talk about a dream bathroom!! Although i don't know if i would like cleaning two toilets?? We also loved the waterfall coming out of the 2nd jacuzzi in the backyard...beautiful! My mom threw a great party and honored a few people, the food was great, the party, and then we headed back to Arizona.

And of course.. here are a few pictures!
This is my Grandma, my brothers wife Amy and of course me! We made a great Spaghetti dinner for the fam.
And after dinner, we played guitar hero on the wii!! This is going to be our next big purchase(ummm.... after tuition)... I finally tried playing it and although i am not very good, it is so fun and sooo addicting... Rhett is pretty good though, he might have to teach me a thing or two...

Oh did i mention we bought a new car???!!!

This is us and Bevin Rhett's sister.. at the elan woman party.

And me with baby Aiden, so cute, i miss him already!!

This is the pool and the jacuzzi.. anyone for a swim?? Girls notice the deck for sun-bathing, seriously i think the builders thought of everything, this home was beautiful.

Well after we got home, i went back to work and Rhett enjoyed a little golf, and sometime at the pool, we bbq-ed and played games with some friends. And we tried a new restaurant, only to be found in good ole phoenix.. in the ghetto i might add... Does anyone ever crave chinese and mexican at the same time??? Well then you would love this place, A mexican lady married a chinese man and well they decided to open a restaurant...

That is right folks... mexican-chinese combos- sweet and sour chicken wrapped up in burrito with your choice of fried or spanish rice!! Another favorite teriaki chicken quesadilla!! For some reason i think my brother Jayson would love this place... needless to say it was an experience... 3 of the 4 us left with tummy aches.. not good... but we did get a cool picture of a panda bear wearing a sombrero- bet you won't see that in China... umm or Mexico!

Oooo... I forgot to mention that Rhett also planted some tomato plants... well bought tomato plants. We miss all the hoem grown food from the frei's in Santa Clara, so he thought he would try to grow some of his own. Might not be as good as grandpa's but we hope it works..