Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well... not much to blog about, Rhettser has been studying A LOT.. and i have been working just as much it seems.... Good to stay busy though=). I am however LOVing the weather right now!! And i am enjoying Spring so much that i made this cute sign... so i could brighten our living room a little.. i LOVE spring colors.. i should put more of them in our house... hmmm.... oh and did i tell you i am loving my cricut!! I cut these letters from it!! So cute!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh we LOVE weddings!!!

So, the hubby and I ventured to SG this last weekend for a friends wedding... So i thought i would post a pic(since i like those best)... Here is the rhett-ser with some of his friends from High School... It was a great wedding and we got to spend some time with family, which is always a bonus!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I have a few people ask about the calendar idea... So i made another blog and posted a quick tutorial on it.... so check it out.. if you are interested!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hansen Visit!!!

So, a couple days ago i went visiting teaching and one of my friends i visit teach, had this cute little valentines muffin "treat" tin... and she had the idea to make a muffin tin with the twelve days of Christmas.... So i ran home and made it!! I thought it was such a great idea, and i didn't want to forget it, so i just made one a few days later------I think it turned out pretty cute. And then around Christmas time i can put a little treat in each tin, or a little note that says where to find a treat.

Here is a closer look.. without the muffin "Holes" showing. I cant wait to use it NEXT year, or at least display it for that matter!!
Well a couple weeks ago, my parents and my little brother came to stay the night with us. My little bro. had an awards banquet for the his ATV racing and it was down in mesa. It lasted ALL day!! And my little brother was last on the list to get his award. So we literally left around 930 and got home around 6. Just so that you know i am not exaggerating!!

It was definitely worth it though, when JorDan finally got up there, gave his little speech, received an awesome jacket, and a great trophy!! I am so proud of him, he worked really hard this year!! Below is my Dad and I, do we look tired?? This was at the end of the day....

My mom and Dad and i kept busy, with these Raffle tickets... My dad got more than a handful of them(we are such suckers for these kind of things), and every time they would call numbers we would search our tickets, and yes we did win a total of four times i think. It was great entertainment!!! They were also raffling off a truck that JorDan was hoping to win. They had to call out 5 or 6 differnent names, before they actually got someone that was still in attendance... we seriously thought Jor was gonna win... so that entertained for all of about 15 minutes too!!

It was so nice to have them stay!! They also to took Rhett and I to a nice Valentines dinner at Maggiano's!! So Yummy!! My family loves Italian!! Thanks mom, dad and Jor!!!