Monday, May 18, 2009

Good ole' Frank....

Help!! Somebody please Help!! My blog is being neglected... and i just cant bring myself to update it!!! I don't know what it is... I am not too busy to update it, seriously blogger is so easy that it is not like it takes time to write a quick post, that says, Hi, its me, were still alive and well, but for some reason i dread updating it!! It might be the lack of unexcitement Rhett and i have had this year... it might be that fact that i feel single with how much my husband has his nose in the books, it might that i am trying to catch up entirely on my scrapbooking so that i can have and excuse to go digital(yes i said (digital scrapbooking)and also eliminate the clutter that all my scrapbooking stuff seems to do, it is starting to drive me crazy!!! But on with it, i do not know why I haven't blogged... but here is a little bit of our life..........
A couple weeks ago my mom came to visit for a few days... and while i didn't get any pictures of the two of us... I never do... i got some pictures of this House we went to visit. It is in Scottsdale and it is the Frank Lloyd House.... It was a little pricey... and a little warm(a lot of the tour is outside), but the tour is an hour and a half, and it was amazing!! If you like stuff like this, you would love the architecture!! And i just love Franks Creative mind!! I mean seriously look at those angles!!! He LOVED triangles!!
Check out this theater room he made, purely for entertaining... It is a theater/dining room and he built it at HIS HOUSE!!! I could just die... maybe i could talk Rhett into one of these one day.... Maybe......

Look at those stairs and the pool(triangle)... I just loved it!!
They actually have an architecture school that is still there.. and the students must build there own house out on the land around the house, and they live in it while they are in school from the month of October to May-- and if you go in the early spring they will give you tours of the mini homes that the students built, they had a couple pictures of these homes, and i am definitely taking Rhett back in the fall to see those!!!

Well, that is all folks... c you soon!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


In January i started creating projects for THIS website.... So here are a couple of the projects i have made recently. The theme for this last months project was LOVE... so these are a little Valentines-ish, but i can always use them... I am excited how the book turned out, i like the ribbon. But i am really not sure what i will ever do with it!!