Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Pic's....

Well, not much to update lately... we are a little boring... plus life is flying by now that rotations have started. I feel like our lives and our days are set up in four week increments. It is a little hard to get use to, but it also makes time fly!!
Rhett finally has had one or two semi-easier rotations these last two months... so we were able to go to dinner with some friends at this yummy Mexican restaurant by the cardinals stadium!!
We also went to this cute little park that is down the street from our house and took some family pictures... I really needed a Christmas card pic... so we will see which i use... My girlfriend Carlie and her husband took them for us.. they did a great job... considering we are all amatures!!

Thanks Carlie... oh and Ryan!! I really want to post pics of our recent trip to New York.. but my sis-n-law has most of the cute ones... so updates on that are to come!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In New York!!!!!!!

Beware... Long post too follow... and picture overload...
Here are the boys, just about to board the subway... when we went to see the 9-1-1 memorial. Do they look cold??
Yay!! The whole reason we started out on this journey to New York!! We were so lucky, my mom received tickets for my whole fam. to attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go... I watch it every year on T.V. Needless to say, i was super excited!!!

Here are a few of my favorite floats!! They brought back the Spider man float, i guess it hasn't been out for a few years.

I LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty!!

Here is the Hub-ster and I at the Parade!!!

A group shot.... Not sure who, the man in the background is.. but i think he posing for my camera!!

The rest of the fam. minus Mom, the one behind the camera!!

Here is JorDan and I before Thanksgiving Dinner!! We ate at this very cool restaurant right on a lake in Central Park, it was called the Boathouse. We tried to take pictures inside but it was too dark...

Rhett and I at dinner... i love turkey and mashed potatoes!!!

After dinner we walked down to Times Square, it was only a few blocks from our hotel, it was perfect. There were so many lights down there, it felt like 1- in the afternoon!! They also had tons of shops that were open til midnight on Thanksgiving Day. It was crazy!!

We were so lucky, because it really wasn't too cold while we were there. We still wore our jackets, but it wasn't that bad. Minus black Friday, at which day the wind would not stop blowing!!

They had the funniest Charmin Bathroom Stop in Times Square. We went up just to check it out... We had to go up this huge escalator, and then we got up there, they had a DJ that was interviewing people before they went into the stall, and they were playing music. They also had a huge toilet were we could take advantage of a photo op!!!

Then they had these computers, where you could LITERALLY RATE YOUR GO! It was so funny. They also had a CAN-fessional, with a camera in small room so that you could talk about your experience. Kylee and I thought it was quite comical... mi wish i could have recorded the DJ he was pretty funny.

On our last day there, we rented bikes and rode them around Central Park. It was so fun!! It was very hilly and about 6 miles to go through the whole park, but it was so beautiful and the weather was awesome!!!

Here is one of the Lakes in Central Park. Oh and the boys...

We walked up to Belvedere Castle and took some pictures, it was pretty cool to walk around inside of it, i think it was originally a look out tower.

The whole time we were there... my brother Jayson was searching everywhere for some New York Style Pizza and a Dunkin Doughnuts. Well, ill be honest and say we ate at about 4 different Dunkin Doughnuts... we love those French Doughnuts!!! And then we ate at this awesome hole in the wall Pizza Place that was right by our hotel, I think we ate there two or three times. It was so yummy!! And so tiny!! The 9 of us practically took up all the tables in the restaurant!!