Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little update on the hubby...

So between crazy rotations, long drives to those rotations, elders quorum and studying.... The hubby has found a little bit of time for play!! The last couple weeks Rhett has been playing on a city league Basketball team... The boys put together a team that consisted of a bunch of boys from Southern Utah... oh and Todd McClenaghan... we let him be on the team because.... ummm... he is thinking about moving to Southern Utah (he-he)j/k... Here are the boys after one of their final games...
A couple of weeks ago, Rhett headed back to the SG for a very quick 3 day trip to go hunt for some deer!! I was sad i had to stay home and work, i really wanted to see the fall leaves change, so Rhett took this picture so that i wouldn't miss out...
I guess it is better than any of the trees in Arizona!!

Well after the first day he didn't have a deer... so i was thinking he would come home empty handed... But don't you worry!! He didn't disappoint!!! A couple hours before he was suppose to hop on a plane he caught this little guy!! Poor little deer never saw it coming... Good job Honey!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So excited!!!

So........... EXCITED for THIS to open tomorrow!!!
Love... Love this store!!!