Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Night of Cleaning....

No... this is not another one of those crock pot blogs.. so don't worry... you CAN keep reading!!
However--- this is my crockpot-- and I say mine because although i do share it with rhett(on occasion) this is one item that was not a wedding gift. It was a gift from my mother before i moved to college. I know not very exciting when you are moving off on your own-- but i love my crockpot!! Probably love it more now, then in college, but...on with my story.
I took this crock pot with me to college, which turns out when i got there, Wendy's cooked a lot faster then the crockpot and therefore this item rarely got used, but i kept it anyway.
When i lived in provo i had this great roommate and she had a great fiance, who had a great best friend, who had a crush on my cousin. So both the boys were ALWAYS at our apartment. Well one day, we went to a party at these boys apt., we will call them the Burley boys, because that is what i called them in college. Well, while we were at the party we noticed that the Burley boys had a crockpot that looked just mine!! I mean EXACTLY like mine!! I thought that is weird, and so did the roomies. So, a few days later at home-- yes you guessed it... my crockpot was gone!!! Just a reminder for those that have never lived in Happy Valley(Provo), most collegees do NOT lock their apartments. We leave everything unlocked, (seriously who is gonna steal a DI sofa and top roman??), so therefore the Burley boys came in and out of our apt. like they lived there and well, to be honest we could care less.
So when the crockpot was missing, my roommate swore that she remembered JP, (not the fiance, the fiance's great best friend) taking my crockpot over to his place a few months earlier and then she figured he just never returned it and so my cute blue crockpot was still sitting in the Burley boys apt!!! So us girls of Apt. 51 went over(while they were at school of course!) and broke in (well the door was unlocked) and stole my crock pot back!!
So, if you look closely on the right there are the intials JP. He even had the nerve to write his intitials on it!! It wasn't even his!!!
So tonight, Rhett is gone and i am cleaning, which is what i do when i am bored(pathetic, i know). And i am washing this beloved, thoughtful gift that my mother gave me years ago. And i am thinking, what if this is really JP's crockpot?? This thought crosses my mine everytime i use this stupid thing!! I really still to this day don't know if he really stole it, or if i just lost it?? But i ended up with it and he never stole it back... so i guess i will just keep it..... but why cant i just forget about it already and accept that this is MY crockpot??? Why do i think of this story EVERYtime i pull this thing out???

In other news... rhett and I are loving this no-school/i only work 30 hrs a week thing... And so we drove all the way down town, in rush hour, just to eat at Matt's Big Breakfast!! Yum!! It is this famous breakfast place(so we were told) in ghetto downtown phoenix and it is about the size of my apartment, actually i dont even think it was that big, but ill give Matt the credit anyway-- It was delicious!! Very worth the drive!! I can't wait for my dad to come visit and try their pancakes!! He loves going out to eat at home-cookin' breakfast places!! This place is so yummy!!
And yes that is the restaurant and all the restaurant... it is no wider and no longer than what you can see-it is tiny- in fact we almost drove right past it on our way there!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding number TWO!!

Okay, so here are pictures from my little brothers wedding in Boise. We got back from there about a week ago... but life has just been a little crazy!! Here is a picture of Kyle and Kylee... This isn't the best picture, but aren't they cute?
We got there on Thursday at about 1 or so in the morning. Don't even worry your pretty little face that our flight was suppose to arrive at 9 p.m. Thank you Arizona for making our 1.5 hour flight about 5.5 hours long!! Rhett and I boarded the plane and pulled away from the gate and then sat on the runway for a minute-- then came the rain.........and the wind. It was blowing like 70 miles an hour(that is what the pilot said, i think that was way up in the air- not next to us) but it was blowing and pouring the rain was almost sideways, so ill give the pilot the benefit of the doubt and say it was blowing 70 miles an hour. Well after several announcements we finally took off 2 and 1/2 hours later!! It was awful, it felt like one of those stories you see on the news where people are stuck on the plane for four hours!! That was us!! And then, since planes are charging for EVERYthing now... The stewardess kept repeating, "Well, since we cant control the weather, this delay is not our fault." "Just remember this delay is NOT our fault, so there will be no free beverages!!" What???!!! I am afraid if i wreck they are going to charge me for the air mask and life vest!!!
Meanwhile... Here is Rhett and I with JorDan, My littlest brother, He looks pretty awesome all decked out in his all black tux!! He really wanted a lime green tux to match my newest sister n' laws colors... but to my moms gladness-- they didn't have them! So all black had to do!

This is me, Karlie, Kiley(the bride!), Haley, and my brothers wife Amy. This is her two sisters and my brothers two sisters. I just thought this picture looked cute with all the colors and her bouquet.

And here is the whole family!! It is starting to get bigger! I still cant believe how old all of us are getting!! It is weird to see my parents with three married and a grandbaby! But i love it!
Congrats to my little bro and his wife!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lake Havasu...

So Rhett and i left last Sunday to go to lake havasu for a few days, not necessarily for play but Rhett was doing some job shadowing. We did take one evening away form work and saw the sights! We also ate at lots of local restaurants, which i love local restaurants!!
This is the London bridge.. yes that is not a mistake the London bridge is in lake havasu city, Arizona. We use to always drive by here as a kid when we would go to the river, some man bought it from London and it shipped all the way to Arizona. Here is a view of the lake, this is the way our hotel room faced.
Here is a ferry boat, they give people rides on this boat down the lake. Well, i am not sure if they still do, but when i was little this place was jumpin', it is a little run down now.

Here is the bridge....
I just loved this old telephone booth!! It was behind a fence next to a condemned building, but i saw it through the cracks and the fence just happened to be unlocked......... so Rhett and I snuck in and took a quick pic!
I am not sure exactly what this is but it has something to do with London-- just a little proof-- in case you still don't believe the London bridge is in Arizona! When they took the bridge apart in London to move it they put numbers on each piece that way when we they moved it they could piece it back together. You can still see the numbers on it a little bit- but i forgot to take a picture of them!! I am guessing this is where, the song London bridges falling down came from!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lake Powell!!!!

To continue on our summer saga... we left on Wednesday to go to Lake Powell. We went with about three other couples that we know from Utah. It was so fun!! They invited us to stay on their houseboat, which i was grateful, because i am not a BIG camper. We were able to eat some delicious food, play some video games, and enjoy the sun and the very nice water!! I know i have posted a lot lately, so this post is mostly pictures, also because Lake Powell is pretty self explanatory!! Rhett and i both grew up going to Lake Powell, so we love any chance we can get to go back!!

So here is the Rhettser enjoying his ever so favorite water sport--Wakeboarding!

A little wake-surfing..

i love this picture.. he looks so excited!! It was a well deserved break for Rhett. He worked really hard his first year of school and then he immediately jumped into a full time job!! It was so nice for him to just relax for the first time in over a year!

A little tube jumping... Rhett and his friend Bryan blew up this huge tramp with only a foot pump!! Then sadly it popped a few hours later... But the boys sure had fun going down the slide and trying to land on the tramp.

Hmmm... looks like you missed hun...

Here is us being posers......

Here is the majority of the gang, just hanging out after a long day in the sun! The boys would film all the wakeboarding and wake surfing and then run back to the house boat to watch themselves in action! It was pretty fun to see them rewind it and move the wipeouts to slow motion!! Peoples faces were SO funny!
Here are few more things we did.... played a little wii... or (let's not lie) A LOT of wii...

We did a little paddle-boating, which was really fun!!

We also ended up spending quite a bit of time trying to get not

One... Not two...

Not three..

But FOUR, surfer boys behind the boat!! It was not the easiest task but the boys did it!! They were pretty excited, then we got lectured by the Lake Powell PD, or whatever those security boat regulator people are... they said that you cant surf behind boats anymore? The boys were pretty upset. So they just found a cove and continued on! We had so much!! It was nice to just relax and play in the sun!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UMOM & Never on Sundae!!!

So I know you thought our madness couldn't get any crazier after we got home from SG. But Surprise!! It is only just beginning!! The Monday after we got back, which was last Monday(a week ago yesterday), sorry a little behind on the blogging, Rhett finished his last few days at his summer research job. After work on Monday, Rhett headed to downtown Phoenix to volunteer in the clinic(UMOM) that he helps to coordinate. It is a little shady down there, and he goes at night time, there are so many people on the streets, it is sad and crazy and makes his wife a little uneasy every time he goes. Luckily the community where the clinic is located is gated and has a guard. So that makes me feel better, or does that make it worse??

Well, here is a picture of where the clinic is, it was dark when i took the picture but the sign on the right says wellness clinic. It is a great facility for people, it is made especially for families. It is a living facility with housing, medical care, food, and other resources to help them get back on their feet. And Midwestern oversees the clinic and Rhett helps coordinate the doctors and students and supplies needed for the clinic.

Here is a sign that is painted on the back wall, notice the random shopping cart. Ghetto, as me and rhettser would say. But really it is a nice clinic. It use to be an old hotel, and Rhett says that they just bought two other hotels across the street, so it is getting really big.

So on Monday Rhett spent the evening down there volunteering.

And then on Tuesday both of us headed down there, because the center(UMOM) was having a block party. Kind of like a back to school, BBQ type thing. they had a lot of people there donating their time and items. They had tons of brand new shoes for the kids and backpacks full of supplies. They also had Karaoke and ice cream and cotton candy which the kids loved. And then Rhett and his partner at the clinic organized a group of students and doctors to provide medical services. He did a great job, they were able to get an Optometrist to do eye screenings(of which i am an expert at helping with now), they had some students taking blood pressure, also blood sugar testing, and they handed out info. about diabetes, they had a podiatrist come and do foot checks. It was pretty interesting and a lot of work for the boys but they did an amazing job organizing it all and the people were excited to get the info. and the mini check ups.
Here is Rhett and ALL the wonderful students and doctors that drove down to help out on Tuesday.

Here is my husband in action!!!!
Here are a couple older pictures, but I wanted to share this restaurant with those of you in the valley. Rhett and I are CONSTANTly in search for "local" restaurants. One of my clients told me about this place, Oregano's. They serve really big servings and the food was really good!! They are a pizza, pasta place. So, Italian, which is my favorite(besides, P.F. Changs, of course), so you should all try it!! Yummy!!
It had the cutest decor, there are several locations in phoenix, so just Google it and then you can find which is closest to you!! I would add a link to the word but does anyone know how to do that?? I haven't figured it out yet?? Well, the best part of Oregano's and the whole reason we went, is beacause they have yummy dessert, that is just like a Never on Sundae form Pizza Factory in SG!! Well it was quite as delicious, but these are my favorite desserts, and i HAD too have one!! So Rhett and I were so excited to find one here in Phoenix!!
Here is the description on the menu:
THE ORiGiNAL PiZZA COOKiE Now this will knock your socks off! A 1/2 pound of Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, or Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie dough, slightly baked in a 6-inch pizza pan then topped with 3 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream.
Don't tell me that doesn't sound good, or look good!! If you don't like Italian, just go for dessert!!!
Or you could be like my brothers and just order dessert first!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

One busy Weekend....

Okay... so first i have to apologize! My mother said that my last post sounded like a pity party-- DID NOT... i repeat DID NOT mean for it to sound like that!! So, i apologize for that one!! I do however want to thank all my friends and family for the goodies, and cards, and wonderful birthday wishes!!! THANK YOU!!
Now, I am going to apologize again, for the picture overload below.
Rhett and I drove to St. George two weekends ago for a very busy three day trip. We arrived on Thursday, late i might add, and then we got up at a decent time friday morning to help prepare for my little bro's reception. The reception was at my parents house. My parents did a good job, the house and the backyard looked awesome!! My little brother likes mexican food, so my mom had Irmitas come and cook tacos, burritos, mojitas, quesadillas, whatever you wanted, they made it right there!! I thought that my husband was in heaven, it was awesome!! We also have a neighbor that owns a Frazzle machine(it is kind of like a slurpee) and he let us borrow his machine for the event.... but he ended up leaving it there all weekend!! Man were we frazzled out!! Irmitas also brought over a Horchata machine-- another family favorite and well she left that all weekend too!! It was like a regular beverage bar in our backyard all weekend!! Below is the Hansen attempt at a family picture, i think it turned out good, except we all kept trying to get the baby to look at the camera and well does that ever work out for anyone??? Here is the lovely couple!!! Kyle and Kylee... yes that is how you spell it... funny huh?? I told my little bro that he needs to name his first child Kyler, just because i think it would be funny!!Aren't they just so cute... my mom wanted the event to be casual so the bride to be wore a cute white sundress i thought that was a great idea! We had so many wonderful friends and family come to share their congratulations...
Even my good friend kristen came to share her support... Turns out my brother is connected to her family in more ways than one--- Her family grew up in my ward, and then her Father-in-law turned out to be my brothers bishop-- i believe... talk about a small town. I don't know why we didn't get a picture, i love to see my blogging friends in person and well, i totally forgot to take a pic. It was so good to see her!! Thanks for coming Kristen!

Here is me and the hubby... The wedding colors are orange, lime green and yellow... Thus the matching shirts!!

Sara, Kylee, and Amy And yes, don't worry Amy and I had matching outfits!! My mom found these skirts and they were perfect with Kylee's colors! And the best part is you can wear them again. Honest!!

My mother and I... do we look tired or what?? This picture was taken at like 10:30. The party didn't start until 8- so you can imagine by the time everyone left it was going on 11:30. Then we had to clean up. Oh dear, it was a long day!! Rhett and i cleaned up and then headed to bed somewhere around 1-- makes me tired thinking about it!!

Don't worry the party is not over yet... The next day we had to be at the temple by nine because my older brother Jayson and his wife Amy were taking their new baby through the temple. This is a picture of Aiden and I at the reception at my moms house, he looks so happy-- Amy and I worked real hard for that smile!! And he is a great baby and hardly ever cries, but this smile is really a whimper!! I don't think he was very happy.. but he fooled the camera!!
Here is the family after the Baby sealing!!
Rhetts sister and her new husband joined us in the temple and came to all our family events!! It was so great to see them!! I wish we could have spent longer with them... After this morning event we ran home and the boys went for a quick round of golf and my mom and i ran to the mall in search for some shoes for the wedding in Idaho. Then we quickly ran back home to watch the lovely new couple open presents and by the the time we were through, we ran to my brothers for a BBQ for the baby. Which started at about 6- Tired yet??
My brother just finished landscaping his backyard.. i should have taken pictures, my dad and him did a great job. It had a cute little sand area for the kids too and let me tell you it was a hit for the little ones!! I didn't take any pictures that night, but it was beautiful and the weather wasn't too hot...

So we pulled another late nighter there, and then we got up Sunday morning to be to the baby blessing at nine!! Whew!! The following are some family pictures we took after the blessing...

One of the girls...

one of the boys......

And the whole family!!

After that Rhett and I jumped back on the road and headed to Phoenix!!
It was great to see friends and family... i am sorry that we missed some of you too... it was just such a fast, busy event filled trip. But don't worry we will be back soon i am sure!!