Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rhett's Rotation...Car Drama...

Well, with white coat and Stethoscope in hand, the Rhett-ser started his first rotation!! He is officially on his way to being a REAL doctor!!
His first rotation is a little crazy the doctor works in like 3 or 4 or maybe 5 different offices. It is really hard to keep track of his schedule, sometimes my hubby comes home at 5 sometimes 4 or sometimes not until like 7 at night! Not to add to the fact that the rotation is about an hour away from our house... so that just adds to the long day factor...
So on the hubby's second day at work, Rhett was hanging out in his office(the doctors, no Rhett doesnt have an office) waiting for the doc. to finish a meeting when the office started to close up and all the nurses started going home and then one lady came in and said "Rhett the doctor wants you to go out to this hospital and see him." It is five o'clock and Rhett drives out to this other hospital and in the parking lot of the 2nd hosptial, this lady backs right into him!!!
Luckily he wasnt hurt, which was my first question when he called... and then asked him-- 'Well did she at least hit the back bumper?' Because our bumper has NEEDED to be replaced for a while, and we almost did it last summer-- but decided not just in case of such an incident as this!! So here is my beautiful green machine, all damaged and broken and not really driveable.... Sad....
I was little upset about the whole ordeal, it took us like two hours to drive it home from the hospital. Yes, i had to follow behind him for most of those two hours. Thank goodness we bought this little baby from some cute missionaries a few weeks ago-- totally spur of the moment i might add. It came in quite handy since we weren't able to get a rental car until today-- because of poor Rhett's work schedule and the hassle of trying to find someone to fix our car in this Huge-normous city of ours.

So hopefully, the rest of his rotation goes well... I think the only benefit of a rotation in Mesa is having Rhett bring home Cafe Rio like at least once a week!! Yum!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So excited!!! One month until Rhett and I head to see WICKED!!! I can't wait!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Best of State

This past week Rhett and I flew up to SLC to see my parents win the Best of State Award!! It was so awesome because BOTH my parents won for BOTH of their business'. It was awesome.... Here is my my sis-n-law Kylee, my mom, and me at their awards banquet.
My parents after the banquet....

Here is The Rhettser and I and my Dad... We WERE taking a picture of the two of us, but my dad is such a jokester that he jumped right while we taking the picture, so i made him stay for a real photo op!!

Here is the fam... we are missing my brother Jayson, his wife and Aiden, and also my Bro. JorDan... they couldn't make it... But Rhett and I did travel to SG for a few days to see the rest of the fam. and poor Rhett locked himself in my moms house while he studied for boards!!!

Finals just finished up a few weeks ago... poor Rhett is feeling a little burnt out.. but he takes his last board on Saturday and I am so excited!! I think i am going to finally have a husband after two years of Medical School!! Good Luck, honey!!!