Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread... mother, last weekend, gave us this wonderful gingerbread house kit!! It was so cute... sadly though my brother's dog got to it before we could and so the roof was broken, and most of the candy canes... i thought maybe i could salvage the roof-- but negative on that one- But i LOVE gingerbread houses... so i was so excited, and i decorated the rest of it anyway!! Pretty cute-- it was so fun, i love this time of year-- so many activities to occupy my time!!!
Looks yummy, Rhett even tried to eat the broken gingerbread roof, I said "I dont think you are suppose to actually EAT that??" He said "Why not?? Oh it tastes like cardboard." Then he picked up a second piece and ate that too!! Are you suppose to eat the gingerbread in the kits?? What if the store put out the leftover ones from last year??? Yuck.... oh and Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So last weekend, Rhett and I headed up to Wickenburg to see my little brother race his last ATV race for the season... We also got to spend a little time with my parents-- in between the race that is!! It was a very long race track---- so Rhett and I hiked through the mountains, so we could watch my brother from all angles- There were so many cactus' out there and they were so HUGE!!! We stood next to a few so that you can really tell how tall and crazy they are... Rhett is about 5'10" and i am 5'4".. if that helps your imagination a little....

Rhett looks so tiny up there!!! This picture is of Rhett and my Dad just before the race--- They were the "pit crew." The races are crazy they "pit"(ex. change his goggles, fill up his gas, give him water, etc.) my brother in about 30-45 seconds!! It is so crazy to watch, my dad has like five or six people helping him do everything when my brother pulls in... i should have taken a picture--- but we were both too busy helping. It was so great to see my family and spend some time with them-- and it was also a good break from the studies for Rhett.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Part 2!!!

Okay.. so here is part two of the Battle of the Jay Walk All-Stars!! This one is even funnier-- for all you mormons out there!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay this is so funny!! Just a little back up info. The girl with the bow is from Mesa, Az... the boy form Phoenix and the girl in the gray is a cosmetologist in Cedar City, Utah!! Listen to when she talks about Fillmore-- it is so funny!! Rhett and I could not stop Laughing about it!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I was tagged by my friend Becky a little while ago and i havent had time to fill it out... sometimes i have a hard time thinking of answers too.. but here it goes....

Here is how you do this one...
1- link the person who tagged you
2- post the rules on your blog
3- write six random things about you
4- tag six people at the end of your post and link them
5-let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6-let the tagger know when your entry is up

1- I have a very bad habit of leaving cupboards & drawers open!! i never shut anything!! It use to drive Rhett crazy... now he thinks it is funny!! When we make dinner, he will come in and count how many cupboards are open usually it is at least 5!! Horrible, horrible habit.... Even at work i never shut my drawers!! It drives my co-workers nuts.. and my clients ALWAYS bump into them!! How embarrasing!!

2-This isnt so random... but I LOVE ice cream!!!! Frozen yogurt, gelato, smoothies, popsicles, whatever is frozen and creamy I just cant get enough of it!!!

3- I love organizing things, everything has a place... i always wanted to be a professinal organizer!! Weird, i know, but i think life is so much easier when it is organized... sometimes when i am bored i will re-organize the closets.. just for the heck of it... k that is a lot of info....

4- Being the holiday season... i am one of those wierd shoppers that starts in like january!! I am not kidding... i bought serveral gifts for the family back in March!

5- I am a big bargain shopper... i will find what i want then go to like 3 stores to get the best price and then come home and make sure i cant get it cheaper online!! Even groceries!! Most of the time i shop at three different stores, one for dry goods, one for produce, and one for everything else.... yes really i do this every week... but it saves a med student and his wife a lot of money!!!

6- I cant think of another one... but if any of you can think of a random fact about me... please share!!!

I tag....

and whoever else wants too!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Okay.. so i apologize about the Out-of-Orderness of the pictures... i hope you will survive!!
This picture below is BLACK Friday!! Every year, for as long as i can remember, my mom and I regardless of if we are together or not... ALWAYS go shopping very early on BLACK Friday! So this year we grabbed all the girls in the family and headed to Vegas, and yes we left at about 5 in the morning... But it was so fun!! And we hit up some serious sales at Macy's!!!
Here is Thanksgiving day!! My Aunt just moved to SG, right down the street form Rhett's parents house, actually, and so she was quite excited to have the WHOLE family over for thanksgiving. I didnt get a picture of all of us.. but most of my dads family was there... We had 1 grandma, my mom, my dad, 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 3 siblings & 2 spouses & 1 girlfriend, 9 cousins & 2 spouses & 1 more girlfriend, and three grandchildren!!! It was a little crazy!! But we had so much fun!! We played Bingo and went to the movies, ate lots of turkey, we did a little christmas serrvice for an orphanage in Mexcio... and well now we are seriously tired from running around all weekend!! Here is my little nephew!! He is getting so big!! He is about 11 months now... he says Uh-oh and it so cute!! He is walking around on his cute little legs and i just could not get enough of him!! Poor guy has so much hair!! I ran out of time to cut it... I'm sorry Amy!!

I think i look a little tired in that picture, but Aiden looks so happy!! Here is my family at our Thanksgiving dinner!! It was so yummy!!

And here is the whole family at my Aunts house!!

Whew!! We are glad to be back in AZ with the warm weather.. but we miss all of our families in SG!! And of course i am ready for christmas now!! Here is a picture of my tree!! I love my tree, i think i love it so much cuz i have a wonderful sister-in-law.. that was willing to give me one of her artificial trees... Doesnt it look pretty cute??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun!!

My brothers wife Amy emailed this to me... and i thought it was so funny!! So instead of forwarding it to all of you... i thought i would just post it on my blog!! Here you go!!

Thanksgiving Divorce

A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York two days before Thanksgiving and says,
"I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough."

"Pop, what are you talking about?" the son screams.

"We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the father says, "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Chicago and tell her."

Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Like heck they're getting divorced," she shouts, "I'll take care of this!"

She calls Phoenix immediately, and screams at her father, "You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?" and hangs up.

The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife,
"Okay," he says, "they're coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way. Hee hee hee!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, I have to apologize because blogging has taken a serious back seat in my life lately.... mostly because of the lack of bloggable information going on in our lives right now--- but it is the middle of november and Rhett has made it through his first quarter, of his second year of medical school!! Yay!!!! Finals week was last week and we are so excited it is over!! It was a very loooong week... So rhett is looking forward to a much anticipated break from the studies!!
Well, just to sum up the last couple weeks--- My little brother races fourwheelers out here in the valley every now and then, so my parents have come to visit us like three or so times in the last month or two! It has been wonderful! We LOVE company!! Poor Rhett doesnt get to enjoy it as much as me, but i love it when we have visitors!! We have mostly been busy with school and work, though... not very exciting(I know). We also went down to gilbert once and stayed the night with some friends.. which was a good little break. We got to enjoy some Costa Vida and Neilson's Frozen Custard, while we were down there!! So yum, yep that is right Neilsons, anything you want that is Utah or Mormon can be found in Gilbert or Mesa!
So other then that i did a little redecorating in our bedroom. I have had these cardboard intital things for a while... so i finally painted them and added some "bling" and then hung them with some pictures above our bed. I think it turned out pretty cute... i just wanted something above our bed... and this will have to do for now.... I still need to put pictures in the frames... but you get the idea!!
Super excited for christmas this year!!! So, i decided to make some pillows... No, mom i didnt sew, well kind of, but not really. These were placemats that i bought at HomeGoods. They were super cheap, then i bought some badding at JoAnns with a coupon. And then i pulled apart a small section of the placement and added the badding. And then hand stitched it back up. I think they are pretty cute, but i am still a little unsure. What do you think??

I also made these signs out of wood and then wood letters i painted the board and the letters and them i tried to sprinkle "snow" on top of the blue one, but it wouldnt work. I think they are okay... they are missing something though and i cant figure out what... so if you have any ideas let me know... but for now i think i will wait to hang them up.

Well there you have it... the last fifteend days in a nutshell!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekend in Vegas!!!

Here is my handsome husband at the D.O. Convention in Vegas last weekend!! He did some research over the summer, and he made a poster to present his research at the convention. His poster turned out awesome! He and one of his research buddies did a great job... his professor told him maybe he should take up graphic design instead of being a doctor... hmm.. i dont think she knows how much debt we are in---!! Also, i am so proud of him, not only for this, but because I wasn't even there.. but he still had HIS picture taken!! Good Boy!!

On a side note... when the convention was over Rhett and his friend Ryan, went and drove through Wendy's all dressed up in their shirts and ties around 10 at nite, and the kid in the drive up window says
"The only people dressed like that where i am from are mormons..."
Rhett & Ryan: "Umm... We're Mormons..."
My guess is after that, there was an awkward pause and long moment of silence while they exchanged food for money, because i forgot to mention the fact, that it was Sunday, and then Rhett said, they drove off rather fast!! I thought it was so funny!!
BTW- I know your thinking oh that kid must be from Utah... nope Washington State!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super Saturday!

So, last week, my ward had its Super Saturday. My friend asked me teach a class... so this is what i taught... i think they turned out pretty cute!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yay!! We made it to three!!!

Well... the Rhett-ser and I made it to three years(as if you expected anything less)!!! Well i went to work and rhett went to school... we went to dinner at the Claim Jumper!! So yummy!! Rhett has been craving a good steak! And then we came home and had ice cream and then Rhett went back to the library to study!! Poor guy has always got a book in his hand and is always distracted by some class... i dont know how he stays so disciplined, but i am so proud of him for all of his hard work and dedication!!! Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

November 21st!!!!

So Excited!!!!!! Need i say more????

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October in Arizona!!!

Well, I decided it was time to bust out the halloween decor!! My sister n law asked if i was going to put out halloween decorations and i said no-- i think ill wait until christmas before i start decorating. But once again it was almost 100 degrees today, and i figure if i put out my halloween decor-- it will have to start cooling down and feeling like fall. I miss the bright red leaves, and the wind in my hair, and the cool crisp evenings.... nope not in AZ we have dead grass, green trees, a packed pool, i am still running our AC!!!

So here is my decor, i think this wreath turned out pretty cute-- i made it last year, i saw it in a magazine, and well i revamped it so it would have a little "bling...", I like my wreaths *sparkly!!!* I need to to get some fishing string so that i can dangle some spiders-- but i havent done it yet. Oh, and dont walk by my apartment and expect to see the wreath outside hanging on our front door... you see we have a funky door and it wont close when i have my wreath hanger on the door.... so ill have to think of soemthing else.... besides forcing it shut and then not being able to get it open again... which Rhett stepped in, while i waas shuving the door closed and told me that wasnt going to work... so i had to take it down and it is now hanging up in the hall.... until further notice anyway.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Blues

So according to Regis and Kelly at 8:44 yesterday Fall officially began!! I am so excited!!! Except for the fact that today is supposed to be 102 degrees--- Fall in arizona?? This is what i am saying!!
So we went to this fireside on Sunday and the bishops wife had taken pictures of the view from their apartment, during every season. So i thought... hmmm... this might be a fun game in arizona. So here is picture #1 for fall. Let's just see if it looks any different in a few months.
Meanwhile, Rhett has been studying... Surprise, surprise. He has also been seriously busy, with so many other things... It is even hard for me to keep track of his schedule. He helped start a club at the school, so the other week was clubs week and so he was busy doing that for his club and for HOME, (the clinic that he helps organize). Then he has been to UMOM(the clinic) twice in the last couple weeks and had a few tests and quizzes to keep him busy. Poor guy is running around like crazy!! Meanwhile i have been scrapbooking like it is going out of business!! It is so nice to finally have a scrapbook table and a room to spread out all of my stuff! Ill have to post pictures of it later-- it is so nice to have all my items organized and easily accesible- it makes it more excititng to scrapbook!! So here are a few of my latest pages...
They are kind of hard to see put you can click on them and they will get bigger... or you can get the idea by just looking at these.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Life... Back to Reality...

Yep, that is right school is back in, Rhetts got the books out and i am back to work full time!

We did a lot playing this summer, we moved, went to some weddings, caught up with some old friends, and new ones too!! We went swimming very often and enjoyed the hot weather of Arizona!! We also hit up some free "Summer of Love" parties that our apartment hosts. We went to three or four, yes we are poor we will do anything for free food(especially when it is Rubio's and Gelato!). Yes, all for free!!!
We had tons of fun, played lots of games and just enjoyed Rhett NOT studying!!
But now it is back to life and back to reality, and I know Rhett is ready to get this medical school thing on the road again. Three more looong years...let's hope they go fast!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, for Labor Day we decided to take one last vacation, before Rhett had to go back to school! Destination: Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure We went with Rhetts sister and her husband and his brother Burke!! It was so fun!! Here is the boys getting ready to get dizzy on the tea cups!! Bevin and I were still dizzy from the Grizzly River Run- so we decided to pass....
Below-- is Burke and Bevin on the Toy Story Ride!! We loved this ride!! It had these big screens and you had these little shooters and you would shoot at the items on the screen- and then it would calculate your points!! It was like a life size, interactive arcade game!! Too bad Rhett killed me, but it was so fun, we even went twice!!
This is just before Pirates!! My favorite ride!!
It was hardly busy at all--- we just walked right on to quite a few of the rides, it was great!
California here we come... The whole time we were there we kept singing the theme to the O.C. Burke kept joking that we going to go find Ryan's house... and we really wanted to go to the cemetary and see Marissa... but instead we just went to the Newport temple(pic below).
California Screamin'!! Yes, i was too chicken to go-- i DO NOT like roller coasters!!
Here is the Newport temple. It was beautiful!! It was a pinkish color and it almost looked like a spanish mission-- if you know what that is(they have these missions along the coast of California, think the picture on Mission Viejo tortillas). It was very pretty and i like how they included the culture of California.
Of course we had to hit the beach at newport and then we drove all the way to Santa Monica and watched the street performers.

Check out this guy!! He is painted silver from head to toe... His whole face was silver, even his eyelids-- quite entertaining!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Night of Cleaning....

No... this is not another one of those crock pot blogs.. so don't worry... you CAN keep reading!!
However--- this is my crockpot-- and I say mine because although i do share it with rhett(on occasion) this is one item that was not a wedding gift. It was a gift from my mother before i moved to college. I know not very exciting when you are moving off on your own-- but i love my crockpot!! Probably love it more now, then in college, but...on with my story.
I took this crock pot with me to college, which turns out when i got there, Wendy's cooked a lot faster then the crockpot and therefore this item rarely got used, but i kept it anyway.
When i lived in provo i had this great roommate and she had a great fiance, who had a great best friend, who had a crush on my cousin. So both the boys were ALWAYS at our apartment. Well one day, we went to a party at these boys apt., we will call them the Burley boys, because that is what i called them in college. Well, while we were at the party we noticed that the Burley boys had a crockpot that looked just mine!! I mean EXACTLY like mine!! I thought that is weird, and so did the roomies. So, a few days later at home-- yes you guessed it... my crockpot was gone!!! Just a reminder for those that have never lived in Happy Valley(Provo), most collegees do NOT lock their apartments. We leave everything unlocked, (seriously who is gonna steal a DI sofa and top roman??), so therefore the Burley boys came in and out of our apt. like they lived there and well, to be honest we could care less.
So when the crockpot was missing, my roommate swore that she remembered JP, (not the fiance, the fiance's great best friend) taking my crockpot over to his place a few months earlier and then she figured he just never returned it and so my cute blue crockpot was still sitting in the Burley boys apt!!! So us girls of Apt. 51 went over(while they were at school of course!) and broke in (well the door was unlocked) and stole my crock pot back!!
So, if you look closely on the right there are the intials JP. He even had the nerve to write his intitials on it!! It wasn't even his!!!
So tonight, Rhett is gone and i am cleaning, which is what i do when i am bored(pathetic, i know). And i am washing this beloved, thoughtful gift that my mother gave me years ago. And i am thinking, what if this is really JP's crockpot?? This thought crosses my mine everytime i use this stupid thing!! I really still to this day don't know if he really stole it, or if i just lost it?? But i ended up with it and he never stole it back... so i guess i will just keep it..... but why cant i just forget about it already and accept that this is MY crockpot??? Why do i think of this story EVERYtime i pull this thing out???

In other news... rhett and I are loving this no-school/i only work 30 hrs a week thing... And so we drove all the way down town, in rush hour, just to eat at Matt's Big Breakfast!! Yum!! It is this famous breakfast place(so we were told) in ghetto downtown phoenix and it is about the size of my apartment, actually i dont even think it was that big, but ill give Matt the credit anyway-- It was delicious!! Very worth the drive!! I can't wait for my dad to come visit and try their pancakes!! He loves going out to eat at home-cookin' breakfast places!! This place is so yummy!!
And yes that is the restaurant and all the restaurant... it is no wider and no longer than what you can see-it is tiny- in fact we almost drove right past it on our way there!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding number TWO!!

Okay, so here are pictures from my little brothers wedding in Boise. We got back from there about a week ago... but life has just been a little crazy!! Here is a picture of Kyle and Kylee... This isn't the best picture, but aren't they cute?
We got there on Thursday at about 1 or so in the morning. Don't even worry your pretty little face that our flight was suppose to arrive at 9 p.m. Thank you Arizona for making our 1.5 hour flight about 5.5 hours long!! Rhett and I boarded the plane and pulled away from the gate and then sat on the runway for a minute-- then came the rain.........and the wind. It was blowing like 70 miles an hour(that is what the pilot said, i think that was way up in the air- not next to us) but it was blowing and pouring the rain was almost sideways, so ill give the pilot the benefit of the doubt and say it was blowing 70 miles an hour. Well after several announcements we finally took off 2 and 1/2 hours later!! It was awful, it felt like one of those stories you see on the news where people are stuck on the plane for four hours!! That was us!! And then, since planes are charging for EVERYthing now... The stewardess kept repeating, "Well, since we cant control the weather, this delay is not our fault." "Just remember this delay is NOT our fault, so there will be no free beverages!!" What???!!! I am afraid if i wreck they are going to charge me for the air mask and life vest!!!
Meanwhile... Here is Rhett and I with JorDan, My littlest brother, He looks pretty awesome all decked out in his all black tux!! He really wanted a lime green tux to match my newest sister n' laws colors... but to my moms gladness-- they didn't have them! So all black had to do!

This is me, Karlie, Kiley(the bride!), Haley, and my brothers wife Amy. This is her two sisters and my brothers two sisters. I just thought this picture looked cute with all the colors and her bouquet.

And here is the whole family!! It is starting to get bigger! I still cant believe how old all of us are getting!! It is weird to see my parents with three married and a grandbaby! But i love it!
Congrats to my little bro and his wife!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lake Havasu...

So Rhett and i left last Sunday to go to lake havasu for a few days, not necessarily for play but Rhett was doing some job shadowing. We did take one evening away form work and saw the sights! We also ate at lots of local restaurants, which i love local restaurants!!
This is the London bridge.. yes that is not a mistake the London bridge is in lake havasu city, Arizona. We use to always drive by here as a kid when we would go to the river, some man bought it from London and it shipped all the way to Arizona. Here is a view of the lake, this is the way our hotel room faced.
Here is a ferry boat, they give people rides on this boat down the lake. Well, i am not sure if they still do, but when i was little this place was jumpin', it is a little run down now.

Here is the bridge....
I just loved this old telephone booth!! It was behind a fence next to a condemned building, but i saw it through the cracks and the fence just happened to be unlocked......... so Rhett and I snuck in and took a quick pic!
I am not sure exactly what this is but it has something to do with London-- just a little proof-- in case you still don't believe the London bridge is in Arizona! When they took the bridge apart in London to move it they put numbers on each piece that way when we they moved it they could piece it back together. You can still see the numbers on it a little bit- but i forgot to take a picture of them!! I am guessing this is where, the song London bridges falling down came from!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lake Powell!!!!

To continue on our summer saga... we left on Wednesday to go to Lake Powell. We went with about three other couples that we know from Utah. It was so fun!! They invited us to stay on their houseboat, which i was grateful, because i am not a BIG camper. We were able to eat some delicious food, play some video games, and enjoy the sun and the very nice water!! I know i have posted a lot lately, so this post is mostly pictures, also because Lake Powell is pretty self explanatory!! Rhett and i both grew up going to Lake Powell, so we love any chance we can get to go back!!

So here is the Rhettser enjoying his ever so favorite water sport--Wakeboarding!

A little wake-surfing..

i love this picture.. he looks so excited!! It was a well deserved break for Rhett. He worked really hard his first year of school and then he immediately jumped into a full time job!! It was so nice for him to just relax for the first time in over a year!

A little tube jumping... Rhett and his friend Bryan blew up this huge tramp with only a foot pump!! Then sadly it popped a few hours later... But the boys sure had fun going down the slide and trying to land on the tramp.

Hmmm... looks like you missed hun...

Here is us being posers......

Here is the majority of the gang, just hanging out after a long day in the sun! The boys would film all the wakeboarding and wake surfing and then run back to the house boat to watch themselves in action! It was pretty fun to see them rewind it and move the wipeouts to slow motion!! Peoples faces were SO funny!
Here are few more things we did.... played a little wii... or (let's not lie) A LOT of wii...

We did a little paddle-boating, which was really fun!!

We also ended up spending quite a bit of time trying to get not

One... Not two...

Not three..

But FOUR, surfer boys behind the boat!! It was not the easiest task but the boys did it!! They were pretty excited, then we got lectured by the Lake Powell PD, or whatever those security boat regulator people are... they said that you cant surf behind boats anymore? The boys were pretty upset. So they just found a cove and continued on! We had so much!! It was nice to just relax and play in the sun!!