Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Whew!! We have been so busy... this post is so past due!! Here are our girlie's at 3 weeks... so adorable!! Klara on the left, Cozette on the right... they couldn't be more different and we LOVE it!!
I have become very good at picking up and setting girls down with one hand... so when they are both crying i can hold them both... i am feeling pretty talented.

At 8 days old, we made our first trip to Target!! We were quite successful... we had to do two bottle feedings, GG (Grandma Hansen) got very good at shopping and feeding. And i mastered pushing a stroller and pulling a cart at the same time. We felt quite accomplished and VERY tired after our Target trip.

Welcome to our new life!! This picture shows what Rhett and I do about every 2-3 hours!! And when Daddy is gone, Mom has learned to feed the girls at the same time on her own... quite a complicated process with newborns!! We love when Dad is home to help!!

Here is our little Klara, wide awake and sporting her Gemini onsie... Gemini is the sign of the "twins," a little ironic don't you think???

Little Miss Cozette, She loves her bouncer so much that Grandma Frei was nice enough to buy us a second bouncer, so that sister could have a turn!!!

We have been lucky enough to have LOTS of visitors, Thank you everybody!! Uncle Burke only lives a half hour away, so he has been nice to come check on us several times!!

My Grandma and Aunt Becky drove ALL the way from Orange County to meet the girls!! I still can't believe that they did that.... so nice of them!!

GG--- (Glam Gram) as my mom and nephew call her...was nice enough to come and spend a whole week cooking and cleaning and not sleeping for the four of us. My poor mom stayed up 24/7 with the girlie's!! So i could do some recovering....

Here is a picture of Grandma Frei with our baby girls... she was so nice to come and spend a whole week, also!!! Grandma Frei also pulled the 'night shift' for us... Needless to say both Grandma's left in need of a very LOOOONG nap!!

We so appreciate all the help, everyone has given us!! We just love our little girlie's!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

One Week.....

My mom and i attempted a little newborn photo shoot. Complete with outfit changes and all--- it did not start out so well...
My mom gave me these outfits, so cute... but they came with these hats- that were even big on me!!?? But we let the girls wear them anyway...

I LOVE, LOVE, them in blue!! So precious!

Cozette just looks like a little poser!! So cute!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


May 28th, 2010.... Today is the Day!!! Here is a photo of the Rhettser and I while we wait in Triage for the nurse... So excited to meet our little girls!!
Final Belly Shot... once again, excuse the k-ankles!!!

The surgery went great... I will spare you the gory pictures and gory details!! We went in at 5:30 the surgery was scheduled for 7:30 and to our surprise the doc and the anesthesiologist showed up at 7:20!! Klara Kaye was born at 8:04 and Miss Cozette De An came out at 8:05!! Their little screams were so precious!!

Here are the girlies and I after recovery... the girls make my arms look so HUGE in this pic.

Introducing Baby B... Cozette De An
5 lb. 14 oz. and 19 inches

And Baby A... Klara Kaye
6 lb. and 19 inches

Our two little girlies sleepin' next to each other.

We are now a family of four!! Here is our first pic!!

Such the proud Daddy!!!

We were so lucky to have both of our parents drive all the way from SG just to meet the girls for the day!! Here are the Grandma's!!!

And the Happy Grandpas!! One baby for each!!

We also had Rhett's brother, Uncle Burke there, he was nice enough to take the day off and come meet his new nieces!! Yes, i look out of it, I was shaking in surgery so bad the doctor had to put me all the way out after i met the girls, to finish up... I am such a wimp!!!

Here is a picture of our new family, before we headed home... man we were glad to get out of the hospital!! We feel so lucky that both girls got to come home with us right away!! They have been so healthy, no jaundice, no colic, we feel so blessed!! And we are loving our new little family!!

One last picture... sorry for the overload... This is how they looked when we brought them home. So precious!!! Cozette on the left, Klara on the right.