Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Its good to see me isnt it?"

"No need to answer that was rhetortical."
-by Glinda with a (guh)

So, I now that you are all probably tired of hearing about WICKED but seriously it is amazing!! So, so entertaining and even the hubby LOVED it!! It was funny, serious, easy to understand, i LOVE how they incorporate scenes and characters from the Wizard of Oz!! I am just in love with it!! I want to see it again and fast... i hear they are in San Diego in September---hmmm... maybe we need to plan a girls trip!

Here is the theater that is was at... It was 117 degrees that day btw(seriously). Pretty cool theater huh?? This theater is located at ASU and in November Phantom of the Opera is coming!! I am trying to talk Rhett into it-- but i don't think it is working!! But i would love to see it!! We had awesome seats this time 1st row in the second tier right in the middle!! So now i am spoiled!! But i am hoping by October ill have him talked into it!! I recommend it though because really every seat seems like a good seat in the theater!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Party #2!!!

We were lucky enough to celebrate my birthday twice this year!! My mom had a BBQ with my siblings and us in SG. The whole family was there. It was good to see all of us together and of course i didn't get a pic. of the whole family I always forget!!!
Here is my mother and I... She always use to get us ice cream cakes on our birthdays when we were kids. So she got this wonderful pralines and creme ice cream cake! Have I told you I LOVE ice cream??

Candles have seriously come a long way since i was a kid.. these candles spell out H-A-P-P-Y
B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y! I loved them and seriously such a smart idea!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Celebration #1

Well, my birthday this year was quite eventful!! I had to work on my birthday- bummer, but before i left Rhett had this sitting on our bed. Notice the bow on top and by the way, YES- that is a quilt... this is how he wrapped my birthday present-- he said that it was too big to wrap!! I have to give him some credit for the creativity!!! He gave me the coolest ice cream maker! I am loving it, it doesn't take rock salt or anything and it makes ice cream in about a half hour! I LOVE ice cream, especially when it is 117 degrees out!

I got out of work early on my birthday and Rhett and I headed to SG to attend his parents homecoming. When we got there Rhett's sister and her husband were so excited to show me this cake that they had spent "ALL" Day making. It looked like a Doctor Suess cake-- I loved it!! It even had these cute little candles that were black and white stripes and black and white polka dots, they were so cute! Thanks guys!

You cant see but the frosting started to melt because it was so hot.. and so the cupcakes started to slide off the large cake in the center-- but it slid so perfect, i thought they had planned it that way--- thus making it look like a scene from "Oh the places we will go!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drama.... #????

SO... Sunday we got back from our wonderful trip to Utah--- pictures to come... and we discovered our air was broke. What a wonderful present after being gone for four days, and it was 110 degrees outside!! So at about 830 at night they apartment staff discovered we needed to get a hotel-- perfect, this was right after we had already unpacked all our items.
So we ended up here(see below) at about 930 at night, grabbed some Denny's and fell into bed! But today is Tuesday and the wonderful A/C man is here to replace our old unit-- and we will be good as new!! After two nights of sleepovers in different places and a 4 day vacation-- and ithink i have been about 30 hours in the car in the last week... i am so excited to sleep in my own bed TONIGHT!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Frei Return and 4th of July!!!

Well our July 4th.. was quite memorable this year. Rhetts parents came home from their 3 year mission in Brazil, or B-ville as we like to call it!! Sadly, poor Rhett had to work on the day that they arrived at the airport, so we missed that monumental Mormon event. We were pretty bummed- -but so goes the life of a medical student!!!
It was so good to see them, and even better to see them in the US of A!! We spent most of our trip car shopping for them and just hanging out with all of Rhett's siblings and also had several visits from neighbors.
On the Fourth we had a typical american BBQ-- complete with Salmon, corn on the cob and homemade ice cream!! Then we lit some fireworks in the front yard... Rhett and Jeremy were running around like pyro-maniacs' they were so excited while lighting all those fireworks. Here is a pic from the firework festivities!!