Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So excited!!!

Okay girls.. i am seriously excited about this!!! Seriously sad too though... because i would LOVE LOVE to go to this event so that i could pick my Edward in person, (i know kalie, i am an edward fan- well...unless she is in La Push. then i am a jacob fan!!) Why cant someone love two boys at the same time--- anyone watch the bachelorette?? She can fall in love with Jason and Jeremy right??? And graham.. well what a snot!! Glad he is outta there!!

Well here is the event, unfortunately i will be out of town!! But i wanted to let you all know that the barnes and noble in peoria is holding this event when breaking dawn is released!!! And most stores are holding it at midnight, but lucky you the good employees of the Barnes and Noble in peoria, dont want to stay up that late!! So they are holding it at ten!! I believe if you want to go you have to call and reserve the book before hand... SO have fun and think of me.. i will just have to pre-order it and have it waiting at my house!!

August 01, 2008 10:00 PM

Breaking Dawn Event
Breaking Dawn Release Party
Barnes & Noble Booksellers Arrowhead
7685 West Bell Road
Peoria, AZ 85382

Oh and yes... i really did make this post at 3 almost 4 in the morning... Can you say insomnia!! I am sooooooo tired, but i cant sleep and i have a sore throat from you know where and it is driving me crazy!!! I am hoping this goes away, my allergies acted back up on Sunday and now i am back to Sleepless in Glendale.... seriously allergies in June? Only me... i have teh worst case of allergies i know... well off to bed.. maybe!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What we've been UP 2....

K.. so remember my blocks that i started.. well i loved all of your ideas! But i decided i wanted to go family... so here you go.. pretty cute huh?? I am excited how they turned out. I want to make some for valentines day that are pink and red and say love!! Too cute.. Here is Rhett, he was so excited we probably got at least 40-50 tomatoes from our four plants, we only wish we could grow more than just tomatoes!! Rhett grew up with a garden and all his grandparents have them, so he always was eating home grown food.. so it is hard for him to eat food from the store because usually it picked too early. So, we made salsa and rhett quite enjoyed the fresh picked fruit!!!

Somethings a little fishy....

Okay so not very often does something weird happen in the Frei home... i am not going to lie, we are pretty normal people. But i do have a story, so bare with me on this, it will be lengthy!!

So, hmmm.. where to start.... well the other nite we had some friends over for games... and one of my friends left her crib, so on thurs. she came over to pick it up and as we were walking out the front door to her car, to load the crib, something by my front door smelt(is that a word??)really bad!!! So, probably out of habit, my kind friend who was holding her daughter said "Oh sorry, looks like we are going to leave you with a wiff!!" So i figured her daughter had a dirty diaper... no biggie, RIGHT???

Well so then i come back to the house and it smells AWFUL!!! It smelt like dirty poo and a little fishy... seriously i have never smelt anything this nasty!! Rhett came home an hour later and i had the windows open(even though it was 100 degrees outside) and i was spraying febreeze, it was pretty bad... so i tell rhett the story about my friend, (bare with me abbie, i promise it gets better!!!) and we both are just feeling bad for our friend that had to change that diaper... but the smell was SO bad, and not going away so we decided it was best to have lunch outside!!! It seriously was making me sick it smelt like festering poo!! GROSS!!!

So, by the time i got home from work thurs. nite, the smell was better, still lingering, but better. But the weird part was that the smell never left the vacinity by the front door, it just lingered between the front door and the kitchen... that is weird dont you think??? Well, rhett thought i was weird for analyizing it so much, but something was a little "fishy." So by Friday morning i could smell it again, and i was bound and determined to find out where it was coming from!!! By this point, remind you it is friday and i have smelt this nastiness since thurs. morning... It smelt like something had curled up and died by our front door!! At this point i am asking some of our friends if their kids ever have diapers this bad?? Because it smells like dirty dead fishy poo!! Yes it was awful!! One of our friends said they couldnt smell it(i think they were lying though, it was awful and obvious!!), but sometimes there kids have pretty bad diapers, so by Friday Rhett and i are seriously debating on whether or not we are going to have children, because we do not want our home stinking like this ALL the time!

So Friday night, i am frantic and obbsessed, i am going to figure out were this stench is coming from it takes all nite!! I completely clean out the fridge and throw away everything and anything that i think could maybe possibly be bad.. because the smell is seriously wiping me out, it is so awful and i am starting to think no diaper could be that bad, unless it is stuck in my house!!! So i clean out the fridge and take out the garbage, and rhett cleans the kitchen floor and we check the hall closet.. nothing... we left for a few hours come home... smell still there.. by now i have used half a can of lysol and half a can of febreeze, i have gone through about 5 tea lights and a whole bottle of smelly oil... So then i start sniffing the kitchen, the cupboards, the drawers, the fridge, the closet, all the containers in my fridge, the milk, then i start sniffing behind the fridge, i had to put my face against the wall and then lean the other side of my face on the fridge and i was deeply sniffing, and smashing my face... i was going to find where this stench was coming from if it killed me.. or we gonna have to move............again!!

So then i tell rhett to smell behind the fridge, and i think he was in denial, because he is telling me he doesnt smell anything, and that he is not putting his head between the wall and the fridge to sniff, so i keep sniffing, and i seriously think the smell is coming from behind the fridge. So my goal Saturday--- to clean behind the fridge and pray that our smell isnt really soemthing "that curled up and died" as i had been telling rhett. So, saturday i get home from work and i am looking at the fridge and i bend down, to make sure that i cant see any dead animals before i pull the fridge out.. i am a little afraid of scorpions after our last incident. And here is what i see....
So here is a little back up story, a few days before this, i dont know exactly when, i opened the freezer and a few items fell out(our freezers are horrible they are decently sized, but there are no shelves, so everything is thrown in there(not by choice ,mind you), it drives me nuts!!!) so everytime you open it things fall out.... i have seen it at other apts. too so i am not the only one with an unorganized freezer.

Well, anyway, i buy this frozen fish at the store and each piece is individually packaged making it easy to cook... and each bag usually comes with four individaul packaged pieces. Well we cooked two pieces a couple weeks ago, so 4 minus 2 is 2. If my math is right?? So this fish bag with what should have been two fish pieces fell out of my messy freezer. Well i picked it up and there was only one package of fish in the bag. So i kind thought that is weird, but a while ago i bought this same fish package and they ripped me off and only gave me three pieces instead of four.. so i thought maybe i got robbed again. So, i put the one piece back and thought nothing of it..........TIL NOW!!! It clicked, and I told Rhett that something seroiusly DID curl up and die under our fridge!! And poor abbie, that i thought her child had a serious problem... I can't believe i didnt look under the fridge earlier!! So here it is, it makes me sick to look at it.. this is the only kind of fish i eat and i cant look at it the same now.. i can only smell dirty dead fishy poo(it really smelt like that too, yuck!!!)!!!!!!!

So then i pulled out the fridge and of course it had left a stinky trail of goop. But an hour later and half a can of Oust! And our house smells normal... it only took like 3 days!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tag Team....

So my friend tagged me... at least i think.. it said Sara.. so here i go...

How to play the game. Post these rules on your blog: List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, and 3 Random surprises about your self. Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys:

3 Fears:
-Anything creepy and crawly, even ants, it all just makes me itch(ex: this boy came into work today with dead lice in his hair and i could not stop itching, it was dead it was not moving and he was only in the salon for like 5 minutes, and he wasnt even my client but ooo GROSS!!!)
-Losing my husband

3 Goals:
-Have children
-One day i would love to own my own salon!
-To find some way to earn money from home, while my husband finishes med school(any suggestions??)

3 Current Obsessions/Collections:
-Jello pudding snacks, i have never really even liked pudding but for some reason i am OBSESSED!!!
-My husband...he is out of school for the next three months and i am just eating up all the time we can spend together, before he has to go back!!!

3 Random Surprising Facts About Yourself:
-I have a horrible habit of biting my nails... probably not a surprise to most
-I love to fall asleep in the sun
-I have never had stitches, or broken a bone.. ever...

I tag Abbie, Lindsey, Sarah P., Kiley, & Heidi