Friday, May 30, 2008

A doctor and a wedding

So, here is my man, one year down, three to go, unless you count residency... then... well who knows when he will be done!! He has worked so hard, I am so proud of him!! We are so excited for summer, Rhett is going to do research at the school, and we have a couple weddings to go to and well, we are just excited to spend some time together, and maybe hit the pool! We just got back a few days ago from Utah. Rhett's sister Bevin got married and we are so happy for her! These two are so cute together!!! And they both were so happy... Here a few pictures from the wedding, things were a little crazy and we had some last minute decorating to do before the reception, so by the time the recetion rolled around we were hot and tired and well i didnt get a lot pictures... You cant see her dress too well in this picture but it is beautiful, Rhett's mom made it,(note: while she was in Brazil, trying to help run a mission!!!), it was all lace and she also hand sowed beads on it.. it was beautiful! She did an amazing job.

Don't worry, my dress finally came!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

6 Men & a Sofa!!!!

Well, as so me of you know.. we are moving.. or have moved... And this was my worry, how were we going to get our sofa, out of our 2nd story apt. an into our new one... There is a permanent scratch on the apartment door and a chip in the stucko- from moving it in.. so how in the world were we( or should i say Rhett) going to get it out?? Well good thing these medical school boys are still in good shape.. ha ha... they got it out with ease, but dont even worry Rhett had about 6 friends there helping!!! I know our front door is built on an angle, i know weird, looks great but weird, and we had our own stairwell and a small column right after the front door, so it made it a little complicated, and i was seriously worried that the sofa was going to just drop right off the stairwell... which would have been a good excuse to get a new one!! Ha Ha...
So we are finally all moved in... well at least our stuff is moved in... now trying to organize it all in time for sunday dinner.... hmm...
If you look closely on the right of the massage chair... Rhett had some school papers there... That is right out of all the places in our new bigger apt. Rhett had the most room to study here in the living room... i felt so bad for the poor guy... So i worked on the living room first....

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Okay here is my new blog background.. super cute.. but is it too hard to read????

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Okay, so i am a little behind... we are moving and life is a mess, well at least my house is!!! A couple weekends ago my fam. came to town for one of my brothers ATV races, my dad is also racing now too... a little nerve racking with both of them out there!!! But all went well, and while we were down there in we went to the Monster Truck Rally.. I know can you say white trash, or can i say that on my blog?? I love these things!! Junk food, nice people, and dirt.. who could ask for more!!! It was so fun i got some cool video footage too i just have to figure out how to upload it.. and i will post more on the move later...
Here is my dad and I right before his race!! I think i need to make it black and white so that line goes away.. but i love this picture because my dad and i dont have a ton pictures just the two of us... Holy Truck, Batman!!
Mom and I, so cute!!
Well, while i was at the monster truck rally poor Rhettser went to downtown phoenix to give free physicals to underprivileged high school kids... i know he is starting to sound like a real doctor!! His first physical and he looked so cute in his white coat!! If i can get him to pose for me, i will post a picture of him in his white coat. It is a really good thing that the school supports there were hundreds of students there, rhett said. It is a really good learnign experience for the students.. well it is rhetts last week of classes and we both cant be more excited!!! Poor Rhett has a lot going on and with our apartment crazy formt he move it feels as though neither one of us can catch up with life... so we are excited for finals to finish up next week and maybe we can both get some sleep! I know rhett looked at the calendar on Sunday and pointed to May 19th and said, " I probably wont get a good nites sleep until this day!!" I thought is was so funny, but sad too, because it is so true!! Poor Guy, thanks for working so hard... !!