Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Frei's are going GREEN!!!!

Since, we have been home from Utah, it seems we have been seriously busy!! Rhett is his Surgery rotation... and life couldn't be more lonely!! He is gone so much-- i feel so bad for him, just looking at him i feel tired!! But today is the last day(YAY!!! shout from the roof tops, get surgery out of here, and never let me return until next year!!).
BTW-- for you future surgery rotater wives out there, my hubby left at 530 this morning(no exaggerating) and it is 6:15 and guess who is still not home?? When Rhett went on the first day, he asked the intern
"So, what is my schedule like??"
the Intern replied with, "Be here by six, and when we are done we are done."

Holy Crap!! I haven't decided what is worse on my part, Not knowing WHEN the heck he is coming home, or feeling horrible when it is 7 at night and he is still not home!! Not to mention, i cant talk to him the WHOLE day! AAAHHH... but alas, today is the last day...

So, while Rhettser has been away(so to speak) I have done some re-organizing. Organizing is one of my favorite past times... i know pathetic... sometimes i just pull things out of closets just so that i can reorganize it(how lame o is that, I should get another hobby, but i cant i am addicted to organizing things). So my kitchen cupboards have been driving me crazy, we have these HUGE, very TALL cupboards in our kitchen, wonderful dont you think??? Not so much, our dear wonderful, crazy apt. people only out one shelve in them!! Seriously look how tall they are?? I can stack 2 HUGE cans of oatmeal on top of each other, they are so tall, who has anything that tall in a cupboard??? So i originally bought some shelves and that worked a little. Then i went to our new wonderfully, large, newly remodeled, and added Walmart Supercenter, and found stacking shelves and they work wonders for can storage!! So i bought four and for $20 i saved a little bit of sanity and time when i am in the kitchen, i DONT, repeat dont like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen!! Beautiful, dont ya think???

Also, i have been wanting to spruce up our living room a little, i feel like it needed a little make-over... My friend and i made these cute hanging things that we copied from another friend, who copied them from pottery barn... you make the picture bigger... I love mine, but lately i am way into shelves and picture stacking, so i decided to take down the cute picture hanging thing(i don't even know what to call it, but it is cute) after getting it down.. i decided to ummm... paint!!!

And well the product... Lime green... it was way brighter and lime-y on the walls then i expected... and i thought Rhett was going to flip when he saw the color... and i was a little worried at first but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!

It is so fun and different and so not WHITE... especially since all our furniture is white... Seriously what was i thinking, a white sofa?? I definitely was not thinking about anything except i wanted micro-fiber and at the time this is the only color i could find!! And do you like my sofa, i have several friends that have the same one, in different colors too!! I am a little jealous... i really wanted a sage green one... but then again if my sofa was green i could have never painted my wall lime green!!! So this is the Frei's way of going green... oh and i do also take my own bags to the grocery store now, so i am trying to do my part.... and really go green....

****By the way... 6:30 now and still no word from the hubby, that means he has been working 13 hours!! So sad!!!****