Monday, July 21, 2008

25 down and plenty to come....

Well, i am not a big advertiser when it comes to things like birthdays, or big accomplishments. I really don't say much when things like these sort happen--- but last week was my birthday. Yep, even the girls at work didn't realize it was my birthday until after i had been at work for 6 hours, the day of... i thought it was funny, although it does cause for an awkward situation...
Sara- is today your birthday??
Yea, it is my birthday.
Why didn't you say anything??
Ummm.. (awkward, what do you say to that??) and what do you say in the first place?? Come barging in to work yelling "Guess what it is my birthday??" I am a quiet person when i am at work- well kind of, and that is just not me, so i just keep things to myself.
But anyway... Rhett and i celebrated with our friends the Skinners, by going to this wonderful Frozen Custard place called Culver's. It is really popular back east, and although it is nothing like Nielsen's in SG, it is quite delicious and rhett and i get SOOO excited to go there. In fact he ordered a huge concrete(because of his excitement and barely ate half!!) We love this place!
On my actual birth day, Rhetts brother Burke took us out to dinner, to none other than P.F. Changs!! This is my favorite place... well one of my favorite places... Why you ask?? Umm, have you had the lettuce wraps??? Need i say more, they are delicious!! Try them!! You will soon be addicted! I didn't get a picture- we were so distracted because our waiter took forever, we were there for 2 hours!! Yes, horrible service, but great food, so we put up with it, whenever we go there we never have good service, not exaggerating it has happened 3 times. But i guess when you have great food- you can do whatever you want and yes we will probably still come back!!

Rhett also surprised me with Grey's Anatomy Season 2!! i am loving this show, well maybe just loving Patrick Dempsey, just kidding!! But i am definitely into it, and so Rhett was nice enough to make this lovely little purchase for me!! I am so excited!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just for fun...

I saw this on someones blog and thought it might be fun!!! I really dont watch that much TV, but i do LOVE one tree hill and i have recently gotten into greys anatomy! I decided that it is okay if i watch TV on DVD.. it is a good hobby to have while my husband studies, right??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

San Diego...........

For the 4th of July, Rhett and I headed to San Diego with some friends from Utah. Our first stop when we got there was to see the temple!! It was closed, the grounds and everything were closed so this is as close as we could get, so beautiful!! This is Rhett and his friend Jon, they spent most of their time surfing and skim boarding, they had so much fun! And boy were they worn out at the end of the day!! The weather was so nice, it was like 75 degrees the whole trip! It was wonderful, the beach was packed and the water freezing, but we had so much fun just being part of the masses of people on the beach!!!
Of course, Alexis and I just enjoyed the sun, until the boys talked us into coming into the water.. which again, was FREEEEZING!!!!
Here is us!!
While the boys, surfed and played sand volleyball, Alexis and I went to this very ghetto swap meet. I LOVE swap meets, Rhett always thinks i am crazy, but California has the greatest swap meets. But they are ghetto(notice the cop car to the left). But Alexis and i came and we conquered!! We wanted to find some authentic coach purses and we did, we also found some brand new awesome Hurley shirts for the boys- 5 for $20... you cant get better than that!!
We both fell in love with the same purse!! So cute... i don't really want to know where they get these purses, because it is a little shady-- you walk up to this table and they will have a couple of fakees out and then when you show interest they bust out the real things from there car or behind a tarp in the back... and they only pull out a couple at a time and they are way discreet about it... pretty sure it is just a little shady--- thus the reason for the cop car i am sure!! But that is okay- they obviously got them from somewhere and i am way excited to have a REAL coach purse for a fraction of the price!!

This is while we were waiting for the fireworks to start- they had the fireworks right off the beach, it was a little chilly by the water- but minus us isn't this picture great??? It turned out really good the sunset was perfect on the water!! Alexis and Jon took us to this cute little Italian restaurant- it was packed and it was probably the size of my living room. Literally my chair was touching the persons behind me- but the food was so good!!
And of course we hit up the Hard Rock before the Fireworks!!!
We had a lot of fun, but we are glad to be back in AZ!! Back to work for the both of us!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Lovin'.........

Okay, so here is a very past due update. I think i said before that Rhett is out of school til September(yipee!!) And so we ahve been doing a lot of playing! It has been so fun! We are loving the hot weather of phoenix and hanging out by the pool and getting to know some of the awesome friends we have met in arizona better. It has been a good break so far, both of us working, so it is not all play, but is nice for Rhett to have a break from studying!
Well, this last weekend my family came to town... my brother had a team race and it started at six at night and went to midnight!! We didnt make it the whole time-- that is waaay past our bedtime but we stayed til about ten- and turns out they took 2nd place!! Which is GREAT!! Here is a picture of Rhett and I with our hard core ATV racer, JorDan.... Just a note, my little brother raced with 2 other people and this little radio thing on his head is a walkie talkie of sorts, that way my dad or whomever can talk to the racers while they race from the "pits."
Here is a picture of us on the way to the water park in Mesa. Rhett's sister and her new husband surprised us with a quick visit from Utah a couple of weeks ago, and we decided to go to the water park, i will post pictures of all of us later- they are on another camera. We went out to dinner, played games, and splashed around at Sunsplash. It was so fun for all of us to hang out, Rhetts brother lives in Scottsdale and so all of his siblings were here!
Like i said we have been "playing" a lot!! These are some friends from SG that just moved down here to go to the same school as Rhett. We had to introduce them to Castles and Coasters, we LOVE that place!! This picture is from a couple weeks ago, but it pretty much sums up what we have been doing. We have played lots of games with friends, and watched some pretty funny shows with some neighbors(has anyone seen Wipeout?? I think Rhett wants to be a contestant!!)! It has been a great summer.. and there is still 2 months left!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Favorite Things........

Several friends and I participated in this "Favorite things Swap...." We all get assigned a partner and send them our favorite things.. i had a hard time thinking of my favorite things, but here is what i got in return!!
So Melissa spoiled me and sent me the greatest favorite things!!! She had a little note on each item that explained why it was her favorite and that was my favorite part... here is what she sent...
Pop Tarts- not just any pop tarts brown sugar multi-grain pop tarts and they are really good and brown sugar pop tarts are my favorite too!!
Lip Gloss- that tastes very delicious!
Off wipes- I am going to love these!! I live by a lake and i have so many mosquito bites, and i refuse to wear the spray bug off stuff, so i think these could very much turn into my favorite!!
Nail Kit- K.... Melissa you don't know how excited i am about this!! I always want to buy one of these kits, but then talk myself out it... and my husband always teases me when i steal his finger nail clippers to give myself a pedicure!! So, now i have my own and i LOVE it!! I have already used it three times!!
Peas and carrots- Melissa has planted a garden and so she sent me some seeds... i will have to save them for next year and maybe we can tomatoes, peas and carrots!!!!
Energy Drink- She sent me this delicious drink... and i love the taste!! Melissa where did you get this???
Thank you for sharing your favorite things, Melissa!!!