Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun with the Hansen Fam!!

While we were in Utah, I also got to spend a week babysitting this little guy!! He is so cute!! my Brothers wife was the Stake Camp Director... SO i stayed with my brother and took care of my nephew while he was at work!! It was so fun!! This particular day, my Dad decided to surprise us and took the day off of work to spend it with the two of us....

My mom, is always coming up with great ideas-- and at the last minute she decided to take me and my two sister-n-laws to Mesquite for a girls nite!! It was so nice of her... we laid by the pool... ALL day... and since it was a Tuesday in Mesquite, Nevada, we had the pool all to ourselves!!!

Then we got all dolled up, and headed out-- Some of my mom's friends let us eat complimentary at their fancy restaurant... Then mom gave us $20 bucks, to try our luck at the penny slots!! I had not so much luck, but it was still fun- and of course after our twenty's were spent, we were out of there!! Thanks Mom!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Powell!!

Rhett's parents friends were nice enough to invite us to stay on their houseboat at Lake Powell, while Rhett was on his Rotation in Utah!! We both grew up out there and we love it so much!! Here is where we stayed, it was such a nice house boat and there only about 15 of us out there, and the weather was SO SO beautiful!!

While we were there the boys did a little of this...luckily there were no injuries...

Rhett caught this, and by the look in his eyes, he is super excited...

Us girls enjoyed A LOT of this.... and did little of anything else... so wonderful!!!

Rhett did a lot of this... we don't get to enjoy the wake boarding as much when we are in school...

The boys also spent FOREVER on this little guy....

All that hard worked payed off... such detail... one of the boys in architectural school-- does it show???

Thank you Johnson's for such a wonderful trip!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elk Ranch!!!

Rhetts Dad owns an Elk Ranch and last week he was nice enough to take us up there to stay for the 24th of July!! The weather was so beautiful!! We had so much fun riding four-wheelers, enjoying the scenery and looking for Elk!!

We think that the infamous bark beetle has infested the ranch, because there were quite a few dead trees. Rhett, for some reason was dying to shop one down...but not with the chain saw(yes we had one), but he wanted to do it with an Ax....!!! He and his Dad had to chop almost clear through it-- then they had to give it a big shove before it finally fell over!!

Poor guy had one seriuos blister from all that chopping!! Then he had to go and scrub in to surgery a couple days later--- ouch!!

Here is Rhett and his Mom... We drove the four-wheeler up a huge hill to where the trees don't grow. It was so pretty up there!! You could see all the way to Richfield and beyond. It was so pretty!!

I am doing something weird with my chin... but whatever... we never take pictures together anymore so this will just have to do!! And i felt too bad to ask someone to take it again---

Here are the boys........

We also drove WAY down to the bottom of the Ranch, to these old Gold mines. They were a little old, and a little rickety so we didnt go inside... but you can see the tracks are still in place...

The miners must have up and left pretty quickly because they left a couple trucks way up in the canyon. Although, the mine was so hard to get to by four-wheeler, that i cant imagine trying to drive a truck in and out of there.

We were a little sad we didnt see too many elk this trip... but we still had a fun time!