Saturday, March 27, 2010

Botanical Gardens.....

A couple of weeks ago, the Johnson's and The Frei's headed to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. Rhettser and I feel like we need to get our arizona tourism done and out of the way, cuz i have a have a feeling in about 7-8 weeks we wont be leaving the house much!! Here is Brooke and I in a lovely little umm... desert landscape thing... Dont you thin she makes me look skinny??? j/k
Here is Brady and Rhett trying to grind their own corn into flour... they actually did a pretty good job.. i was quite impressed!!

Here is us attempting to hide the belly... i know im HUGE, more abou that later.... The had this cool Cactus garden and we couldnt resist a photo. They also had a butterfly exhibit which was pretty neat, we were however expecting more butterflies.

It was definetly worth the trip, it was beautiful!! However i would only reccommend it in the winter!! It was even a little toasty in March!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy... Busy... Busy...

I have been so BAD about blogging!! I wanted to post a picture monthly... but this is as close as i am going to get!!! I am almost 25 weeks... And Sorry but you are only get a belly shot.. because i have foils in my hair and i though I would just spare you from looking at that!!

I am HUGE, i know, dont tell me twice, seriously where did this belly come from?? One of the girls i work with put it correctly yesterday....
My clients says, "Wow, i didn't even know she was pregnant!! She didn't look pregnant 6 weeks ago..??"
My co-worker says,"Ya she pretty much exploded that last couple weeks."

Oh dear!!! I would hurt her with my hands, if they werent so swollen and cramped all the time... and if i hadnt known her for two years, and besides who can blame her for being honest???

Really, i dont even recognize myself.. the Doctor said the babies are measuring 1 lb. and 11 oz. and 1 lb. and 12 oz.!! Also passed my blood glucose test...(the hubby thought it would be a no go-the way i lurve my sugar fixes, so he was little surprised with the results.. but that is between me and the blog and the millions that read this). I asked the doc if i was measuring big(cuz' i feel huge) and he says, tape measure in hand, "NOPE, right on schedule for twins!!" I am not sure what answer i was hoping for, but for some reason that didnt make me feel better. I do love my ultrasound appts though!! Just to see that they are doing good and moving around, makes me so happy!!

Meanwhile, my MIL got me a sewing machine for Christmas, (i know, when i told my mom she about went through the roof, then she went through the roof again when i told her i actually WANTED one...) So, this past month i made these burp cloths... I made a couple that are normal burp cloth size and then a couple that still contour to your shoulder but they are longer... I can't tell you how many times babies spit up over my shoulder and it just drips ALL the way down your shirt.. so i am hoping to prevent that (a little) with the extra length????
I had leftover fabric.. so i made some matching pacifier clips too... just cuz i couldnt spare to put the scraps in the trash... and i have a feeling pacifier clips are going to be like shoes and purses... One for every outfit!!

I also made TWO car seat cover blankets, tents, I am not sure what they are called these days.. but i am pretty proud. It took me FOREVER... but they turned out cute.. i even made a ruffle for the outside of them... I want to put some flowers on them, with the same material as the ruffle... but for now they are done and washed and i need a break from the sewing machine!!
This is an up close of the fabric, one has polka dots on back, the other stripes, but they are the same colors. And one is pink with paisleys, the other lime green with paisleys...

They turned out good... but dont look to close, it was my first project!!

Rhett's parents came for a visit a couple weeks ago and we made these bad boys, okay, okay THIS was my first project, but Patty was there to help, so that didnt count, but i am also proud again, because these are minky... ever sewed minky?? Not so fun... ever sewed strips of minky together and made binding with left over minky fabric?? Yep, that is right, HARD, sadly to say i did mess up a little, Rhetts mom had to finish the binding on my quilt, my feet were a little large from all the sewing. But they are super cute!! And they are little bigger so they can use them when they are older too. So cute, thanks Patty!!!

Well, i according to the doc. i could only have 11 weeks left, or less. So we finally purchased these cute little things... Yes, we purchased two... Good thing Babies 'R' Us had a free shipping sale. They both arrived this week. I LOVE them they are cream in color and I cant wait to have the hubby set them up in a couple weeks, After he is done at the VA hospital... this rotation feels like surgery ALL over again. Not fun, poor guy hasnt had a day off in 12 days after tomorrow!! He looks sooo tired!! But shh... again between me and you and the blog-o-sphere.

So CUTE!! I also picked my fabric!! There are quite a few that i used and ill show you why, after i make the crib bumpers and their quilts in a few weeks... Actually, bless Rhett's moms heart, her and her best friend got together in St. George and sewed, and quilted BOTH baby quilts in one day!! Seriously, any ideas on how to repay them?? I cant believe it!! So nice of them, so now i just have to help finish them on my next trip up there... I still cant believe that her best friend did one of them!! I think i got a 2 for 1 MIL package when i married Rhett... i feel so lucky and i can't WAIT to see them!!

So here they are, lime greens, baby pink(of course) and some very, very deep purples to break it up a little!! The fabric is by MODA, it is called Eva, i am thinkin' i will love it forEVA!! Thanks to my friend Whitney for taking me to the cute fabric shops!! And to Hillary for introducing me to MODA... love their stuff!!

This one below looks real pink, but actually has a lot of cream in it... they all are kind of creamy, perfect for the cribs!!

Sorry, about the long post, but i am getting SUPER excited!!!