Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Blues

So according to Regis and Kelly at 8:44 yesterday Fall officially began!! I am so excited!!! Except for the fact that today is supposed to be 102 degrees--- Fall in arizona?? This is what i am saying!!
So we went to this fireside on Sunday and the bishops wife had taken pictures of the view from their apartment, during every season. So i thought... hmmm... this might be a fun game in arizona. So here is picture #1 for fall. Let's just see if it looks any different in a few months.
Meanwhile, Rhett has been studying... Surprise, surprise. He has also been seriously busy, with so many other things... It is even hard for me to keep track of his schedule. He helped start a club at the school, so the other week was clubs week and so he was busy doing that for his club and for HOME, (the clinic that he helps organize). Then he has been to UMOM(the clinic) twice in the last couple weeks and had a few tests and quizzes to keep him busy. Poor guy is running around like crazy!! Meanwhile i have been scrapbooking like it is going out of business!! It is so nice to finally have a scrapbook table and a room to spread out all of my stuff! Ill have to post pictures of it later-- it is so nice to have all my items organized and easily accesible- it makes it more excititng to scrapbook!! So here are a few of my latest pages...
They are kind of hard to see put you can click on them and they will get bigger... or you can get the idea by just looking at these.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Life... Back to Reality...

Yep, that is right school is back in, Rhetts got the books out and i am back to work full time!

We did a lot playing this summer, we moved, went to some weddings, caught up with some old friends, and new ones too!! We went swimming very often and enjoyed the hot weather of Arizona!! We also hit up some free "Summer of Love" parties that our apartment hosts. We went to three or four, yes we are poor we will do anything for free food(especially when it is Rubio's and Gelato!). Yes, all for free!!!
We had tons of fun, played lots of games and just enjoyed Rhett NOT studying!!
But now it is back to life and back to reality, and I know Rhett is ready to get this medical school thing on the road again. Three more looong years...let's hope they go fast!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, for Labor Day we decided to take one last vacation, before Rhett had to go back to school! Destination: Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure We went with Rhetts sister and her husband and his brother Burke!! It was so fun!! Here is the boys getting ready to get dizzy on the tea cups!! Bevin and I were still dizzy from the Grizzly River Run- so we decided to pass....
Below-- is Burke and Bevin on the Toy Story Ride!! We loved this ride!! It had these big screens and you had these little shooters and you would shoot at the items on the screen- and then it would calculate your points!! It was like a life size, interactive arcade game!! Too bad Rhett killed me, but it was so fun, we even went twice!!
This is just before Pirates!! My favorite ride!!
It was hardly busy at all--- we just walked right on to quite a few of the rides, it was great!
California here we come... The whole time we were there we kept singing the theme to the O.C. Burke kept joking that we going to go find Ryan's house... and we really wanted to go to the cemetary and see Marissa... but instead we just went to the Newport temple(pic below).
California Screamin'!! Yes, i was too chicken to go-- i DO NOT like roller coasters!!
Here is the Newport temple. It was beautiful!! It was a pinkish color and it almost looked like a spanish mission-- if you know what that is(they have these missions along the coast of California, think the picture on Mission Viejo tortillas). It was very pretty and i like how they included the culture of California.
Of course we had to hit the beach at newport and then we drove all the way to Santa Monica and watched the street performers.

Check out this guy!! He is painted silver from head to toe... His whole face was silver, even his eyelids-- quite entertaining!!