Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona Shower...

We have had so much going on lately!! I am still playing catch up!!
When we got home from Utah and Lake Havasu... my friends Sara and Carlie were nice enough to throw me a baby shower in Arizona. And our friend Kristy was nice enough to let us borrow her home!! It was fun to get together with the girls in AZ. Most of our husbands are students together and any excuse to get together is always fun!!
Sara and Carlie did such a great job with the decorations, the theme was "Babies Gone Wild." Sara made this cute sign that said "Baby Girls" with Zebra paper.... They also wrapped these water bottles in wrapping paper and stickers that said "Born to be Wild..." I on the other hand am hoping they are NOT wild, but i guess we will find out!!!

They also made two diaper cakes... because their are two babies... which i thought was VERY creative and quite thoughtful!! They also had a tree that they spray painted black white and pink and people could write down their advice and then hang it on the tree. Most of the advice said "take advantage of rest right now." Should i be worried??

Here is the food table, thanks to all the girls that helped bring food and contribute to the shower!!!

I know i didn't post any pictures of the guests!! But thanks to all my friends that came and to the ones that hosted it... we played some wonderful games... Carlie even called Rhett and asked him some parenting questions... it was pretty funny, and Rhett is a good sport!! Thank you again, it was PERFECT!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hansen Shower...

Well, i felt so spoiled while i was in SG!! My Mom and my two SIL's threw me a wonderful shower while i was home. Here is a picture of My Dad, my brother JorDan and I... this is AFTER the party, they showed up just in time for cake!!
Here we are all of us girls!! They did such a wonderful job on the shower... it all turned out so great!!

Kylee made me the cutest diaper cake... i LOVED all the ribbon! She wrapped bottles of soap and lotion and onsies and spoons and pacifiers throughout the whole thing, so cute, thanks Ky!!

This present was wrapped in an Easter bag that looked like a dog, it was so cute!! Our friend wrapped onsies, and baby powder and other gifts inside... so creative!! In the background you can see the babies quilts and 1 of the bumper pads.... they are turning out so cute!

My mother ordered this very, very yummy butter cream cake!! It was so delicious.. and so beautiful to look at!!! It even matched the colors of the girls quilts.

Seriously, doesn't it look delicious!! Thanks Mom...

Amy arranged homemade flower vases throughout the whole house, it was so pretty. This is our entryway, mom was so cute and made sure the whole house looked girlie... she even redecorated the bathroom so it was in pinks and greens!!

A close up of the diaper cake....

My SIL's planted little boxes throughout the shower, one for people to fill in their own envelopes, and one for baby names(yes, we still dont have names).

Kylee also organized this cute little, hair bow table. So the guests could make headbands for the girls and send them home with me. Such a cute idea! She also made little tags that the guests could hook onto the headband, so i would know who made them. It was wonderful to come home with SO SO many hair bows!!

The girls and mom gave me some very cute outfits... so i opened them before the shower and then they hung them from clothespins for decoration. Such a good idea!

Thanks Mom and girls for all your hard work!! It turned out so wonderful!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

29 Weeks!!!

Here is the Rhettser and I at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. After I left St. George, i headed to Havasu to spend the week with Rhett.
It was so beautiful, the weather was perfect, we got to enjoy a little Spring Break action in Havasu (j/k), we almost made an appearance and went to the Warren G concert just because we didn't have much going on... but then the security guard made us feel silly when he looked at my belly and said, "Oh no, your not going to the concert, are you??" Well, we didn't tell him that we were bored and we thinking about it.... but after that comment, we opted for a walk on the bridge instead!!
And here is a Belly shot for ya...

29 weeks!! I know I'm huge!!! Starting to feel so tired, i think i have been taking two to three naps a day!! But other than a little, okay a LOT, of heartburn i am feeling great!! Oh, also minus my marshmallow feet... note for my next pregnancy... take a picture of your feet BEFORE you get pregnant... because i am just starting to think i have always had large toes and Cankles!!! The swelling never goes down!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Conference & Easter!!!

Rhett is on a rotation in Lake Havasu City this month... so while he is there i decided to head up to St. George for a couple weeks. Since it was Easter and Conference Rhett drove up from the Lake to spend the weekend with me-- oh and our families!! My little brother JorDan graduated from high school early and we were so excited for him, so we drove up to my parents Race Track in Cedar to celebrate!!
It took Rhett and I a couple hours and some serious coaxing, to convince my Dad into letting me ride on the four-wheeler. He is just looking out for the babies... i hope=)!! But after a while he gave in, and i insisted Rhett was a safe driver... Rhett's mom has been working so hard to finish the baby quilts for us. I helped... um... a little... but during conference we had to hand stitch the binding. Rhett's mom finished hers in one session. I had finished one side in one session, pathetic i know, so by the last session of conference Rhett decided to help hand sew the binding!!! I think he felt bad for me, and so did is mom, because then all 3 of us sat there and binded the same quilt!!

After the binding lesson (good sport honey!!), we ran over to my families for some Easter dinner!! We had both the grandmas there... Grandma and Grannie on the right.

After a fun, very, very hard egg hunt my dad set up for us, our friends the Woodcocks stopped by. We have been friends with them since we moved to Utah. They have two kids who are the same age as my brother Kyle and I. So we grew up together... and i don't think we have recent picture of us... so for our facebook pages, j/k, we had to take a photo.

And of course our family Easter photo.... my parents thought it would be so funny to take a picture with EVERYone looking pregnant!! So they all were good sports and stuffed pillows in their tummy's, well except Kyle, he stuffed something else as you can tell. Another pregnancy moment he wanted pointed out!! We are missing my little nephew Aiden in this one... but for a few poses he was insistent that he had a pillow under his belly too!! He kept walking around trying to find something to put up his shirt like everyone else!!

I think they make me look skinny... how about you???

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frei Family Shower

Rhett's friends and family were so nice to hold a shower for me while i was in St. George this month. Rhett's mom's good friend Barb, with some help from some neighbors, through me a wonderful baby shower.
Here is Bevin and I in front of the "two" cakes that she and her cousin Steph made. They turned out so cute, they even made the frosting match the fabric from the bedding i chose!
Here is Bre, Me, Bevin and Alexis... we are missing Tammy and Katie in the picture... These are the wives of Rhetts high school friends, I LOVE these girls, we all get along so great, sometimes i wish we lived closer!!

Barb made this cute diaper cake!! It had "two" cute little bunnies on top, with lots of pacifiers, spoons, onsies, and socks tucked inside all the diapers... very cute!!