Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekend in Vegas!!!

Here is my handsome husband at the D.O. Convention in Vegas last weekend!! He did some research over the summer, and he made a poster to present his research at the convention. His poster turned out awesome! He and one of his research buddies did a great job... his professor told him maybe he should take up graphic design instead of being a doctor... hmm.. i dont think she knows how much debt we are in---!! Also, i am so proud of him, not only for this, but because I wasn't even there.. but he still had HIS picture taken!! Good Boy!!

On a side note... when the convention was over Rhett and his friend Ryan, went and drove through Wendy's all dressed up in their shirts and ties around 10 at nite, and the kid in the drive up window says
"The only people dressed like that where i am from are mormons..."
Rhett & Ryan: "Umm... We're Mormons..."
My guess is after that, there was an awkward pause and long moment of silence while they exchanged food for money, because i forgot to mention the fact, that it was Sunday, and then Rhett said, they drove off rather fast!! I thought it was so funny!!
BTW- I know your thinking oh that kid must be from Utah... nope Washington State!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super Saturday!

So, last week, my ward had its Super Saturday. My friend asked me teach a class... so this is what i taught... i think they turned out pretty cute!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yay!! We made it to three!!!

Well... the Rhett-ser and I made it to three years(as if you expected anything less)!!! Well i went to work and rhett went to school... we went to dinner at the Claim Jumper!! So yummy!! Rhett has been craving a good steak! And then we came home and had ice cream and then Rhett went back to the library to study!! Poor guy has always got a book in his hand and is always distracted by some class... i dont know how he stays so disciplined, but i am so proud of him for all of his hard work and dedication!!! Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

November 21st!!!!

So Excited!!!!!! Need i say more????

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October in Arizona!!!

Well, I decided it was time to bust out the halloween decor!! My sister n law asked if i was going to put out halloween decorations and i said no-- i think ill wait until christmas before i start decorating. But once again it was almost 100 degrees today, and i figure if i put out my halloween decor-- it will have to start cooling down and feeling like fall. I miss the bright red leaves, and the wind in my hair, and the cool crisp evenings.... nope not in AZ we have dead grass, green trees, a packed pool, i am still running our AC!!!

So here is my decor, i think this wreath turned out pretty cute-- i made it last year, i saw it in a magazine, and well i revamped it so it would have a little "bling...", I like my wreaths *sparkly!!!* I need to to get some fishing string so that i can dangle some spiders-- but i havent done it yet. Oh, and dont walk by my apartment and expect to see the wreath outside hanging on our front door... you see we have a funky door and it wont close when i have my wreath hanger on the door.... so ill have to think of soemthing else.... besides forcing it shut and then not being able to get it open again... which Rhett stepped in, while i waas shuving the door closed and told me that wasnt going to work... so i had to take it down and it is now hanging up in the hall.... until further notice anyway.