Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread... mother, last weekend, gave us this wonderful gingerbread house kit!! It was so cute... sadly though my brother's dog got to it before we could and so the roof was broken, and most of the candy canes... i thought maybe i could salvage the roof-- but negative on that one- But i LOVE gingerbread houses... so i was so excited, and i decorated the rest of it anyway!! Pretty cute-- it was so fun, i love this time of year-- so many activities to occupy my time!!!
Looks yummy, Rhett even tried to eat the broken gingerbread roof, I said "I dont think you are suppose to actually EAT that??" He said "Why not?? Oh it tastes like cardboard." Then he picked up a second piece and ate that too!! Are you suppose to eat the gingerbread in the kits?? What if the store put out the leftover ones from last year??? Yuck.... oh and Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So last weekend, Rhett and I headed up to Wickenburg to see my little brother race his last ATV race for the season... We also got to spend a little time with my parents-- in between the race that is!! It was a very long race track---- so Rhett and I hiked through the mountains, so we could watch my brother from all angles- There were so many cactus' out there and they were so HUGE!!! We stood next to a few so that you can really tell how tall and crazy they are... Rhett is about 5'10" and i am 5'4".. if that helps your imagination a little....

Rhett looks so tiny up there!!! This picture is of Rhett and my Dad just before the race--- They were the "pit crew." The races are crazy they "pit"(ex. change his goggles, fill up his gas, give him water, etc.) my brother in about 30-45 seconds!! It is so crazy to watch, my dad has like five or six people helping him do everything when my brother pulls in... i should have taken a picture--- but we were both too busy helping. It was so great to see my family and spend some time with them-- and it was also a good break from the studies for Rhett.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Part 2!!!

Okay.. so here is part two of the Battle of the Jay Walk All-Stars!! This one is even funnier-- for all you mormons out there!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay this is so funny!! Just a little back up info. The girl with the bow is from Mesa, Az... the boy form Phoenix and the girl in the gray is a cosmetologist in Cedar City, Utah!! Listen to when she talks about Fillmore-- it is so funny!! Rhett and I could not stop Laughing about it!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I was tagged by my friend Becky a little while ago and i havent had time to fill it out... sometimes i have a hard time thinking of answers too.. but here it goes....

Here is how you do this one...
1- link the person who tagged you
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1- I have a very bad habit of leaving cupboards & drawers open!! i never shut anything!! It use to drive Rhett crazy... now he thinks it is funny!! When we make dinner, he will come in and count how many cupboards are open usually it is at least 5!! Horrible, horrible habit.... Even at work i never shut my drawers!! It drives my co-workers nuts.. and my clients ALWAYS bump into them!! How embarrasing!!

2-This isnt so random... but I LOVE ice cream!!!! Frozen yogurt, gelato, smoothies, popsicles, whatever is frozen and creamy I just cant get enough of it!!!

3- I love organizing things, everything has a place... i always wanted to be a professinal organizer!! Weird, i know, but i think life is so much easier when it is organized... sometimes when i am bored i will re-organize the closets.. just for the heck of it... k that is a lot of info....

4- Being the holiday season... i am one of those wierd shoppers that starts in like january!! I am not kidding... i bought serveral gifts for the family back in March!

5- I am a big bargain shopper... i will find what i want then go to like 3 stores to get the best price and then come home and make sure i cant get it cheaper online!! Even groceries!! Most of the time i shop at three different stores, one for dry goods, one for produce, and one for everything else.... yes really i do this every week... but it saves a med student and his wife a lot of money!!!

6- I cant think of another one... but if any of you can think of a random fact about me... please share!!!

I tag....

and whoever else wants too!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Okay.. so i apologize about the Out-of-Orderness of the pictures... i hope you will survive!!
This picture below is BLACK Friday!! Every year, for as long as i can remember, my mom and I regardless of if we are together or not... ALWAYS go shopping very early on BLACK Friday! So this year we grabbed all the girls in the family and headed to Vegas, and yes we left at about 5 in the morning... But it was so fun!! And we hit up some serious sales at Macy's!!!
Here is Thanksgiving day!! My Aunt just moved to SG, right down the street form Rhett's parents house, actually, and so she was quite excited to have the WHOLE family over for thanksgiving. I didnt get a picture of all of us.. but most of my dads family was there... We had 1 grandma, my mom, my dad, 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 3 siblings & 2 spouses & 1 girlfriend, 9 cousins & 2 spouses & 1 more girlfriend, and three grandchildren!!! It was a little crazy!! But we had so much fun!! We played Bingo and went to the movies, ate lots of turkey, we did a little christmas serrvice for an orphanage in Mexcio... and well now we are seriously tired from running around all weekend!! Here is my little nephew!! He is getting so big!! He is about 11 months now... he says Uh-oh and it so cute!! He is walking around on his cute little legs and i just could not get enough of him!! Poor guy has so much hair!! I ran out of time to cut it... I'm sorry Amy!!

I think i look a little tired in that picture, but Aiden looks so happy!! Here is my family at our Thanksgiving dinner!! It was so yummy!!

And here is the whole family at my Aunts house!!

Whew!! We are glad to be back in AZ with the warm weather.. but we miss all of our families in SG!! And of course i am ready for christmas now!! Here is a picture of my tree!! I love my tree, i think i love it so much cuz i have a wonderful sister-in-law.. that was willing to give me one of her artificial trees... Doesnt it look pretty cute??