Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family pictures

At about 3 months old... one of our photographer friends came from St. George and she was nice enough, and patient enough to grab some incredible shots of our girls!! It was exactly what we were looking for and she did such a great job!!
Getting them both to sleep, especially in this position was such much work!! But they look so precious... Cozette was so tired she passed out, exactly how she looks, legs dangling and all we didn't even have to pose her!!

Still can't believe we were able to get both babies looking at the camera and awake at the same time!! And to have daddy home from his busy rotation to take them!! We took this photo at about 10 p.m. Our photographer was so nice to come patiently wait for the girls to be good so we could get some shots.



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Girls!!

I was lucky enough to become the proud owner of a new camera... and so i took these shots of the girls... So precious!!
Here is Cozette.... I LOVE her little lips!!
Her hands are always by her face!!

Little miss Klara... I wish you could see all her curly dark hair!! It is so adorable!!

Lovin' those chubby little cheeks!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bath Time

Here are the girlies getting their first real bath!! Cozette, just loved it!! She did not enjoy getting what little hair she has washed... but as soon as we set her in the water, she immediately stopped crying!!

Klara, on the other hand, did not enjoy her hair being washed, nor did she like the bath!! She screamed the ENTIRE time!!

Here is Cozette at about 5 weeks... still loving her Bath Time!!

And Klara has finally learned to love the warmth of the bath also... Thank goodness!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Whew!! We have been so busy... this post is so past due!! Here are our girlie's at 3 weeks... so adorable!! Klara on the left, Cozette on the right... they couldn't be more different and we LOVE it!!
I have become very good at picking up and setting girls down with one hand... so when they are both crying i can hold them both... i am feeling pretty talented.

At 8 days old, we made our first trip to Target!! We were quite successful... we had to do two bottle feedings, GG (Grandma Hansen) got very good at shopping and feeding. And i mastered pushing a stroller and pulling a cart at the same time. We felt quite accomplished and VERY tired after our Target trip.

Welcome to our new life!! This picture shows what Rhett and I do about every 2-3 hours!! And when Daddy is gone, Mom has learned to feed the girls at the same time on her own... quite a complicated process with newborns!! We love when Dad is home to help!!

Here is our little Klara, wide awake and sporting her Gemini onsie... Gemini is the sign of the "twins," a little ironic don't you think???

Little Miss Cozette, She loves her bouncer so much that Grandma Frei was nice enough to buy us a second bouncer, so that sister could have a turn!!!

We have been lucky enough to have LOTS of visitors, Thank you everybody!! Uncle Burke only lives a half hour away, so he has been nice to come check on us several times!!

My Grandma and Aunt Becky drove ALL the way from Orange County to meet the girls!! I still can't believe that they did that.... so nice of them!!

GG--- (Glam Gram) as my mom and nephew call her...was nice enough to come and spend a whole week cooking and cleaning and not sleeping for the four of us. My poor mom stayed up 24/7 with the girlie's!! So i could do some recovering....

Here is a picture of Grandma Frei with our baby girls... she was so nice to come and spend a whole week, also!!! Grandma Frei also pulled the 'night shift' for us... Needless to say both Grandma's left in need of a very LOOOONG nap!!

We so appreciate all the help, everyone has given us!! We just love our little girlie's!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

One Week.....

My mom and i attempted a little newborn photo shoot. Complete with outfit changes and all--- it did not start out so well...
My mom gave me these outfits, so cute... but they came with these hats- that were even big on me!!?? But we let the girls wear them anyway...

I LOVE, LOVE, them in blue!! So precious!

Cozette just looks like a little poser!! So cute!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


May 28th, 2010.... Today is the Day!!! Here is a photo of the Rhettser and I while we wait in Triage for the nurse... So excited to meet our little girls!!
Final Belly Shot... once again, excuse the k-ankles!!!

The surgery went great... I will spare you the gory pictures and gory details!! We went in at 5:30 the surgery was scheduled for 7:30 and to our surprise the doc and the anesthesiologist showed up at 7:20!! Klara Kaye was born at 8:04 and Miss Cozette De An came out at 8:05!! Their little screams were so precious!!

Here are the girlies and I after recovery... the girls make my arms look so HUGE in this pic.

Introducing Baby B... Cozette De An
5 lb. 14 oz. and 19 inches

And Baby A... Klara Kaye
6 lb. and 19 inches

Our two little girlies sleepin' next to each other.

We are now a family of four!! Here is our first pic!!

Such the proud Daddy!!!

We were so lucky to have both of our parents drive all the way from SG just to meet the girls for the day!! Here are the Grandma's!!!

And the Happy Grandpas!! One baby for each!!

We also had Rhett's brother, Uncle Burke there, he was nice enough to take the day off and come meet his new nieces!! Yes, i look out of it, I was shaking in surgery so bad the doctor had to put me all the way out after i met the girls, to finish up... I am such a wimp!!!

Here is a picture of our new family, before we headed home... man we were glad to get out of the hospital!! We feel so lucky that both girls got to come home with us right away!! They have been so healthy, no jaundice, no colic, we feel so blessed!! And we are loving our new little family!!

One last picture... sorry for the overload... This is how they looked when we brought them home. So precious!!! Cozette on the left, Klara on the right.

Monday, May 24, 2010

35 weeks....

Yes... just when you didn't think i could get ANY bigger.... I DID!!! I am officially toting around a 30 pound bowling ball. At least that is what it looks and feels like...
This is me at 35 weeks and 4 days.....
These last few weeks have been a little miserable, i am not going to lie. Most of my pregnancy, minus the 8 weeks of sickness, has not been too bad though, i actually feel like i have had a pretty easy twin pregnancy. So i feel quite lucky...
But now i am feeling a little top heavy.
I cant see my toes, or my belly button for that matter.
I think i grunt every time i sit, rollover, put on my pants, get in the car, do the dishes, bend over.. Pretty much everything I do takes my breath away lately.
I think if one more person says, "Wow, you must due soon!!??" I might clobber them and sadly most of these comments come from women--- hello, lady have YOU been pregnant before??
I think last night alone i got up to go to the bathroom at least 7 times, and i only slept for 6 hours
I cant reach anything that is not within elbow to hand length because the belly gets in the way.
I am sore, my tummy feels like one big black and blue bruise!!

In other none complaining news...
I think we are definitely feeling ready for these babies!! Mentally and physically!!
We set up the swing and the bouncers last night... sadly we had to also read the instructions on how to use our car seats, the bases are seriously confusing. The house is just about clean, my bag is packed, the cameras charged, their tiny clothes are washed.
We are so excited to meet them and see their little faces!!
We were originally scheduled to have them on June 7th... but we went to the doctor 2-3 weeks ago and the babies were already measuring 5 1/2 pounds!! Holy big babies!!! So the doctor determined we were definitely NOT going to make it until June 7th... so now we are scheduled to have them Friday!! We are so excited... and i think nervous... all at the same time!!
Now.. if we could seriously settle on names... i think we will be ready!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nursery Makeover!!!

The hubby and I have an extra bedroom... but since we have lived in the same apartment for two years.. it has become an office/study/scrapbook/guest/storage/closet room. So needless to say before these babies could arrive we needed to do a little cleaning out and a little re-organizing. Luckily i LOVE organizing, so it was kind of fun... plus to see the before and after is always fun!!

So, here is a few before pic.'s- This is one side of the room, the walls are kind of funny as you can tell, which will make it interesting for crib placement, but we will figure it out=)!! In this shot there was plastic table that i used for scrapbooking and it was against the right wall. But i already took that down, and it is hiding under the sofa-- i also at this point had just about finished my paper scrapbooking and already given some of my supplies away...
Which feels so good i might add!!

Here is our desk, i know it is HUGE, i wish we had something slimmer. But it functions for now.... You can see i have tons of decor up and then a shelf thing to the side. Not sure where i was going to put all this stuff???

Well, our neighbor came over and helped us move the desk to the bedroom... which actually fits decently well... and the shelf thing on the left is from
Ikea and i moved IT to the closet.

Here is the bathroom... i wasn't planning on doing much with the bathroom... but then my mom came to visit and well... you will see in a sec!!

I have been collecting baby stuff since we found out about these two... and so this shelf in the closet has become storage for all the clothes and diapers i have stocked up on... So it definitely needs to be cleaned out, so i can see what i have!

I am so embarrassed this closet looked decent at one point, but as soon as i decided that i was going to clean it out, everything has just been thrown in there, so it is a disaster... and sadly, this picture is taken after i worked on it a little bit.

So, after i got back from Utah, the closet was the first thing i reorganized... it was driving me baddy!! I used the weird shelf thing to put storage boxes on, to store the babies clothes, because the bedroom has NO room for a dresser. And it has actually worked out perfect... so here is the closet now. A little better don't ya think??

So this was our living room for the month of February... and part of march!! I ordered the cribs when they went on sale, so they sat in our living room for a while, til we had room and time to put them together.

I think we were starting to get sick of them in the living room, because Rhett convinced his friend to help us put them together one day when they came home for lunch. Poor Andy didn't know that we was going to spend his lunch break building things!!

Luckily Andy has done this before so it made Rhett's job A LOT easier... they got one crib set up in half hour!! Sweet!! And luckily Rhett did the other by himself quite quickly the next day...

So here is the room with the cribs, and the futon, which is staying in the room btw. Having the cribs up made us realize we are going to be parents VERY soon!!!

As you can see things are a little tight with TWO cribs, but they make great storage for now!!

Another room before pic., well before the nursery makeover...

So after we came home from Utah and Lake Havasu my mom came to visit for a week!! It was so great to have her here and have her help get ready for these littles!! So here we are putting the bedding together, after we had taken everything off the walls.
This pic is not very attractive,
number 1-- my feet and calves were swollen to like 5 times their normal size, i look like the marshmallow man
number 2-- we were laughing so hard because as soon as we went to lay the mattress down, the springs on the bed fell... good thing we tested it out before we put the children in there!! So rhettser made a few adjustments and now the beds are a little more stable!!

Here is mom and I with a few of our fabulous finds!! I think we hit up every Ross, T.J. Maxx and Hobby Lobby in the North and West Valley's... in fact most of them we hit twice.. okay maybe three times. Every time Rhett would call, it seems would always be Hobby Lobby!!
We love that place!

So here is one wall that is right by the closet... when they start walking we are probably going to have to move this dresser. But for now we need the storage. We stuck with the pinks, greens and purple from the fabric and went with a New York to Paris theme. Mom is quite creative when it comes to decorating. Mom gave me that pink lamp months ago, and I LOVE it... it is so girlie!!

Here is a close up of one of the walls by the curtains.

Here is one wall, with one crib, sorry the lighting is really bad. You can see the lamp to the left, and the futon still fits!! Oh and I am loving the chandeliers!!

Here are the curtains... this is our proudest moment i think. The curtain rods are paper towel holders, half off from hobby lobby, but they added height to the elevated ceiling. And the curtains were a steal at target for $4!!! This is one of my favorite parts... and Rhett's too.
Plus i can reuse those later for lots of things!!

Here is the other funky wall, with the other crib. The shelf was already there... and well it is pretty much stuck there so we just left it and added a little fabric to the front, so it wasn't SO black. I LOVE the flower vase it was a steal on clearance at Home Goods and I love it!!! Well i just love it all, Mom truly spoiled us and it turned out great!!

And the bathroom... like i said i wasn't going to the change bathroom much. But i let mom have a free for all and it turned out so cute!! It is our guest bathroom, so it is a little pink for guests... but I think it is great and bright and happy, and we used a lot of stuff from the decor at my showers in Utah.

Who left the toilet seat up??
Anyways... there you go... I am loving it!! And will probably love it more after i spend some time in their with our girlie's!! Thanks, Madre!!