Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Girls!!

I was lucky enough to become the proud owner of a new camera... and so i took these shots of the girls... So precious!!
Here is Cozette.... I LOVE her little lips!!
Her hands are always by her face!!

Little miss Klara... I wish you could see all her curly dark hair!! It is so adorable!!

Lovin' those chubby little cheeks!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bath Time

Here are the girlies getting their first real bath!! Cozette, just loved it!! She did not enjoy getting what little hair she has washed... but as soon as we set her in the water, she immediately stopped crying!!

Klara, on the other hand, did not enjoy her hair being washed, nor did she like the bath!! She screamed the ENTIRE time!!

Here is Cozette at about 5 weeks... still loving her Bath Time!!

And Klara has finally learned to love the warmth of the bath also... Thank goodness!!