Monday, February 8, 2010

What is new with the Frei's...

Well, we have had a busy couple weeks!! Rhett is FINALLY done with his OB rotation... and has moved on to internal medicine. We are loving the hours and the doctors... and his wife is so glad to have him home at a decent hour!! In between rotations my family came again!! And this time they brought this little guy......
My brother and his wife and my cute little nephew stayed at our house for the weekend!! It was so fun to have almost the whole family in town-- we missed you Kyle and Kylee!!
In other news... we went to see a specialist for an ultrasound on our little's!! Sometimes we like to think of them as Muffy & Buffy... but only for now... and only because we have NO other names we like!! Ugh any good baby name sites, send them my way=)!! Both babies look great and growing strong we are so happy, i cant wait for them to get here!! Well, actually i can-- because we have just about nothing for them!! I have however purchased a double stroller--- I know your thinking that is a weird first purchase, but it was on way, way clearance... and it was the one i really wanted... and well if i can save $80 bucks why not??
Now i am on to nursery theme's.... i am thinking Shabby chic, meets a little retro motif?? But who knows... i am also thinking lime green and pink and maybe a little gray?? But i will probably change my mind... i am pretty sure the pink is a stable color right now though. So now it is on to my fabric choices!!

Also... went to the doc today and he said i was measuring right on, not sure if that is a relief or not... because i FEEL HUGE!! It seems like it grows an inch everyday!! I still don't think it has totally set in... i just feel super bloated all the time.. what a weird feeling. Probably wont post lots pic's of the belly but the sisters have been asking=)!! Here i am at 2o weeks!!