Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well, the day came and went and well.... We made it!!! Rhett FINALLY graduated from Medical School!! Yay, Hooray!! I am so proud of him.... He has worked so hard the last four years! And now it is on to Residency!!

Rhett's Dad is a Dentist, so it was really neat, to have his dad "Hood"him.

Look who is so EXCITED!!!

The "hooding."

Our Family....

Rhett's grandparents were so nice to come all the way from Utah to celebrate. They really made a huge effort, and a few sacrifices to be able to come. We are so grateful they were here to celebrate.

The whole crew... Rhett's parents, My parents, the grandparents, Rhett's brother, My brother and his wife and our cute nephew. We were so excited to have so much support. Our families have been so supportive while we were in school.

Two of my good friends Kristy & Carlie.

I am so sad to see all of our friends moving on!! It is such an exciting time, but sad too. Most of us will probably never live in the same place again. These girls have become my second family here in Az.

Matt, Ryan & my Hubby.

Our good friends and neighbors...the skinners. We are pretty sad to see them go... They were really good neighbors!!

Me, Carlie & our friend Sara.

Our husbands, and us three girls spent a lot of time together the last four years. We all became friends at the beginning of school, so have been through a lot together. Including two board exams, endless study sessions, 4 christmas parties, 5 pregnancies, 6 kids, and a few vacations!! We aer excited for all of them to start residency, but so sad to see our friends go...


Kristy said...

Love your graduation pics! Such a great day. Hope you guys are settling in to the next phase. How is residency going so far? Miss you guys.

Brigg and Dianne said...

Congrats on finishing!!! Your girlies have gotten so big already! You look so happy! I absolutely love the chaos that I have all around me every day. Five kids is a crazy time, but I just love it! Where are you going for residency???