Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Rhett and I have also been wanting to go to Sedona since we lived in Az. So we decided to head there too. It was a little warm, so only did a few hikes, and we didn't swim, because lets face it with two one year olds that just learned how to walk... not fun in a pool made of rocks=)!

Our first stop was the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is a church built way, way up on the top of a hill, in the middle of the red rocks. Felt a little like SG up there!

Cozi... always so happy to be outside. Klara is too into checking out that rock wall next to her!!

We stopped at a little shopping, restaurant plaza, and the landscaping was amazing!!

It was so green and the buildings were all old, it kind of reminded me of the old missions in California. It would be a very, very cool place to take some wedding pictures there, or any kind of professional pictures, wish we lived closer=). It was beautiful...

These pictures don't do it justice!

Obviously, looking a little sick of mom and dads road trips!!

But they are loving facing forward in their new car seats!!


Aubrey said...

We have the same car seat for Addie- she likes it too! Congrats that they are walking!! I really want to see! You guys need to come over!!!!

Kristy said...

So cute! We have some of the same pictures from Sedona. What a fun place to visit. the girls are so beautiful! Congrats that they are walking...enjoy the wobbly walking stage. running is right around the corner. :) Miss you guys. How is residency going?