Friday, June 10, 2011


Rhett and I have been wanting to go to Thatcher, AZ since they finished the temple there. We watched the dedication and it looked beautiful. We also have some family that went to school there, and a friend from there... In between graduation and Rhett starting Residency, we just jumped in the car and decided to go, we could just take turn doing sessions, during nap time=)!!

It was beautiful, they were doing a little work on the grounds, so we couldn't walk all the way around it. But it was still very pretty, very small and very much in the middle of nowhere!!

The girls just barely started walking the day before we left and they were so glad to be out of the car moving around, they walked around this planter box forever... it was the perfect height!!

It was a very cute little town... Thank you Britney for recommending the Mexican restaurant!! It was delicious!!!


Criscell said...

Your girls are sooooo darling, Sara! How are you doing? How's residency going? Do you ever see your hubby anymore? I feel like I don't...but next month should be better...we'll see. Hope things are going well for you guys!